Screen Printing Inks


Ideal for large work loads. Some benefits to UV inks is that they are becoming more prevalent for screen printing. They do not dry to the screen and if covered, they can stay in the screen over the night and stay in a liquid state. You will require a UV curing system, either conventional or LED depending on the ink you decide. Pretreatment may be required for adhesion. Curing is instant when exposed to UV light.


If you are printing an image with opacity and adhesion being important factors, solvent inks are for you. Commonly used with glassware due to their ability to withstand dishwashers. You will need to keep the ink moving on the screen (printing), otherwise the ink could dry to the screen. The ink can be air dried (may take a few hours) or put through a conveyor oven.


The ink consists of water and pigment, making it the most environmentally friendly type of ink on the market. Some prefer the appearance of waterbed ink from the washed out feeling they may provide after being washed. The ink tends to fade faster than solvent or UV based inks. They are also used for inks that are intended to peel off. The ink can be air dried or force hot air dried.

SA Supplies Nazdar Inks. Products are not limited to Nazdar and will be reviewed on a case by case basis. 

Ink Examples:

Glass/Metal/Plastic Material:

2300 Series - For UV applications with a peak curing window of 395 NM for LED. Adhesion, opacity and cure speed are industry leading for UV.

ADE Series - Epoxy screen ink, which can air dry (hours) or cure in a conveyor oven. The adhesion of the ADE series make it ideal for industrial applications. It offers a high gloss finish.

59000 Series SV Enamel - This is a solvent based ink that is ideal for adhesion under abrasive conditions.




You may want to include additives with your ink. There are a variety to choose from depending on your process such as reducers, thickeners, adhesion promoters and more. We will assist you in the process of choosing the right inks and/or additives for your product.