Screen Printing Your Containers

Containers are one of the most popular products to screen print. Adhesive labels are more expensive than screen printing because they require multiple processes and inkjet (expensive consumables). Screen printing is ideal for improving your product throughput, cost of consumables and the quality of your image. Whether you have a square container, cylindrical or both, SA manufactures proven solutions for your printing.

Hybrid screen printers that can both print flat and cylindrical containers are available. SA container printing machines can adjust to the the different sizes you are printing. Speak with an application engineer on how best we can improve and automate your process. UV curing systems are also available for curing your containers. 

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Print All Container Shapes and Sizes with Our Machines

The Model F1-DC is the most popular machine for screen printing containers. Tooling for your containers are made specific for your products with quick changeover integrated for you to simply swap containers, no skilled labor is needed. The Model F1 can be adjusted for a large range of product heights and diameters. Tooling may have integrated automatic mechanical registration for multi-color printing. The Model F1 is completely mechanical in design for ease of use by the operator. If you are printing flat containers as well, the Model F1 comes with an option for printing both flat and cylindrical. The process of changing from flat to cylindrical is quick and easy. 

Larger containers and print areas may require the Model HLT, which can also print both flat and cylindrical. The Model HLT comes with a pneumatic control panel for ease in operator controls. It utilizes our harmonic lift system to raise your container to the print head, while limiting any vibration that may occur and affect your print. The extra space on the HLT between the harmonic lift and print area is ideal for operator use.

The SA UV Conveyor MAX is designed for curing large containers. If your container is large enough that it may rip conventional conveyor belts, we offer anodized aluminum belting that is adjustable for different sized products. The system features shutters in both the front and back of the UV area to avoid any light leakage. Multiple UV irradiators can also be integrated if you are curing both the side and top of your product. UV irradiators are adjustable and LED may be integrated in place of conventional UV.