Company Timeline

Systematic Automation is founded in Chicago, Illinois. The Model 810 Precision Screen Printer is introduced the same year. The radically new and versatile design remains essentially unchanged for over 30 years.


Fully automatic screen printing machine for plastic cards is invented, incorporating the rugged and modular Model 810 Printer. The Model CC-5000 goes on to become the standard production machine for screen printing plastic cards. Dozens are sold the first year. The successful design remains unchanged to this day.


Product line begins to mature and other screen printing machine models are available such as the Model F1.


Manufacturing facility doubles capacity.

Company develops fully automatic microscope slide screen printing machine

U.S. Patent issued for Model NCC screen printer (U.S. Patent # 5,784,932).


Company’s size doubles again and opens factory in Bloomfield, Connecticut.

Systematic Automation building in 1989

Company develops fully automatic floppy diskette screen printing machine. Dozens of machines are built for Kao Didak and 3M for high volume floppy diskette production printing.

CC-5000 screen printing machine

Company develops fully automatic CD screen printing machine.


U.S. Patent issued for the Model SX screen printer (U.S. Patent # 6,230,876 B1).


U.S. Patent issued for the Model UVSP curing unit (U.S. Patent # 6,397,491 B1).

uvsp uv curing machine

Systematic Automation opens 40,000 square foot plant in Farmington, Connecticut. Company’s product line now includes more than 20 standard models for printing and UV curing.


Company develops a modular large format multicolor roll-to-roll screen printer for wallpaper. It will screen print roll sizes up to 30 inches in width. Images up to 70 inches in length are stepped and repeated to produce continuous seamless patterns along the entire material roll length.


Company develops automatic koozie (can cooler) printing machine. It is capable of printing multicolor in registration one color at a time. Parts are automatically unloaded into a compact heating oven. The oven is designed to retain heat by locating the entrance and exit of the products to be from the bottom of the oven. This design reduces electrical energy consumption to a small fraction compared to open ended conveyorized ovens.


Company develops a fully automatic screen printer for microscope slides or other flat glass. The machine loads, registers, cleans, screen prints, and densely populates trays in rows of printed slides. The trays are stackable for a secondary heat process. The patented handling system only touches the sides of the slides and minimizes chipping or scratching of glass (U.S. Patent # 5,784,932).


Company develops The Super ROI, a fully automatic multicolor cylindrical screen printing machine. Complexity was taken out. Simplicity was built. True innovation in keeping with the company’s goal of reliability and versatility.

Oil Filters

After success in building the world’s best conventional UV system, the UltraLight, the company directs its design know-how to LED. Brilliant design with industry first advances in modularity, flexibility and operator safety.


The Bottle Treater is a revolutionary system for pre-treating and UV curing cylindrical products. It uses only a 2″ element for pre-treating and UV curing for energy and consumable savings.


The Print Belt is the latest model to be added to SA lineup. The simplicity of its design and controls make it easily one of the most modular and easiest to use automatic machines on the market. It’s also incredibly versatile and can print up to 6 colors for any flat product. Different products don’t require a change in tooling.


The Fierosil System pretreats your products with silica and flame for unparalleled industry adhesion. The Fierosil system may be integrated with a one up option ideal for machines with longer throughput such as inkjet printers, our 8 station UVSP or existing pretreatment equipment. Your ink adhesion will withstand repeated dishwasher use.

fierosil, pretreatment

The ColorCup Pro is the culmination of 40 years servicing the promotional drinkware industry. From plastic cups to wine glasses, the ColorCup Pro can print it all. The machine prints precision graphics through its mechanical design. LED is used between each print station for maximum throughput. The modular design of the ColorCup Pro allows you to integrate loaders, unloaders, vision, pretreatment and more. The machine is built to last with high grade components and its industry leading mechanical registration.

ColorCup pro automatic screen printing machine

With over 10,000 screen printing machines installed worldwide SA has become the world leader in screen printing machinery.