ColorCup Pro Screen Printing Machine

  • Starting price of $69,995 for fully equipped machine.
  • Precision multi-color designs.
  • Integrated automation such as loaders, unloaders, vision, pretreatment and more.
  • Fixtures designed for your cylindrical products.
  • Simple, fast setup and changeover.


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  • Description


Shorten lead times while reducing your labor cost. Streamline your production. Take control of your delivery times. This is a machine that will get your jobs done. Machine tool quality you will be proud to bring to your shop floor.

At its heart is the Systematic Automation patented hollow ring indexer. Designed to produce quality prints for decades to come.

Our unique all mechanical “hold and never let go” registration system eliminates complex vision systems and layers of servo electronics. No tabs, notches or other molded in features are needed on the printed product.

We took the complexity out. Anyone with basic knowledge can learn to produce amazing super opaque screen printed images. Tool up to say yes to big multi color orders. The Color Cup Pro is how.