Flame 360 | Flame Treatment Machine

  • Ideal for cups, glassware, bottles and more.
  • Part flexibility for cylindrical and irregular shaped items.
  • Geneva indexer provides harmonic dial motion.
  • Entire print area is rotated 360 degrees through the flame.


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    Pyrosil Integration

    The Flame 360 (U.S. Patent# 6,397,491 B1) is a versatile workhorse of flame treatment systems, providing dozens of standard features to simplify your process while providing exceptional flame treatment to a wide variety of cylindrical products. With a simple loading station to place your product in the machine, revolving platens rotate your product beginning at an indexed 12 o’clock position and continue rotating as it exits the flame station, providing complete 360° exposure. The flame seam is precisely blended for even distribution to the entire circumference of your product.

    The Flame 360 incorporates universal tooling making it simple to treat products of different shapes and sizes at the same time. With an adjustable Geneva drive mechanism, and platens with optimum vacuum force to hold your substrate firmly in place, this superior flame treatment machine accommodates mugs, glasses, drinkware and glassware of various diameters without the need of special tooling.

    The Flame 360 features the revolutionary SA burner.

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    Automotive, Cosmetics, Cylinders, Drinkware, Industrial, Medical, Promotional, Sporting Goods

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    • Flynn burner integration
      Best in industry components are used. Optional Pyrosil integration.


    Engineering Features

    • Part flexibility for cylindrical and irregular shaped items. Sizes from ball point pen barrels to gallon containers.
    • Height and angular adjustment for burner.
    • Overload clutch.
    • Machine control technique entirely eliminates the problem of electrical component obsolescence.
    • Geneva indexer provides harmonic (smooth acceleration and deceleration) dial motion.
    • Entire print area is rotated 360 degrees through the flame to maximize adhesion. Uniformity of treatment is guaranteed.
    • Rotating through the flame allows for the fastest cycling time while ensuring thorough, consistent treating.
    • Once parts are loaded, no rollers, belts, or escapements adjust. Changeover from one part to the next can’t get any easier.
    • Whether promoting adhesion for UV inks, coatings, or adhesives, the flame treatment system allows adjustment of indexing and rotation speed as well as flame height.
    • Compact design.
    • Affordable price.

    Standard Features

    • Incorporates an 8 station Geneva Drive
    • Automatic unload – Consists of mechanical eject of parts
    • Number of stations – 8
    • Adjustable flame burner – 12″ (304 mm)
    • Platen diameter – 6″ (152 mm)
    • Rotary dial diameter – 32″ (813 mm)
    • Input power – 115 VAC
    • Fuel – Natural Gas or Propane (please specify at time of order), tank not included
    • Exhaust hood
    • Compressed air (80 psi) required for automatic unloader
    • Heavy duty locking casters


    Pyrosil Integration for Industry Standard Ink Adhesion

    If you are having ink that scratches off or comes off in the dishwasher, look no further than Pyrosil as your solution. Pyrosil provides a silicate coating to your products. It is ideal for using with UV inks. The surface is treated by flame, which contains the Pyrosil. The flame acts as a precursor before it deposits the thin silicate coating that provides you the surface tension on your product for optimal adhesion. Please click here for more information on Pyrosil.

    What comes with the Pyrosil Treater

    Pyrosil STS 10.2/300
    Standalone evaporator dosage system for gas mixing devices

    • 24V Power supply
    • Siemens S7-1200 PLC
    • Status display Siemens color touch display with input on display
    • Precursor adjustment on the display
    • Input data/Actual value readout on display
    • On/Off switch – main switch
    • External link for potential remote On/Off switch
    • Integrated Memory
    • USB Interface for process data storage and error achieve Pyrosil module in control desk integrated
    • Vaporizer system
    • MFC controlled
    • CH-liquid storage container of 1 liter
    • Liquid level control with level indicator
    • Pyrosil/Gas mixture output up to 0.8% with air output of 500L/min


    Typical Applications

    • Mugs
    • Pint Glasses
    • Growlers
    • Glass Bottles
    • Glassware
    • Plastic Bottles
    • Drinkware