Super Glide – CNC Sanding

  • Automatically sand your products.
  • Easily program your sanding parameters.
  • Extreme durability for continuous fabrication.
  • Vacuum integration for debris collection.
  • Vacuum table hold-down.


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  • Why Choose the Super Glide

Product Description

Systematic Automation’s Super Glide CNC sanding machine is the industry solution for repeatable sanding, grinding, and polishing on all types of flat materials such as aluminum, steel, resins, wood, topcoats, fiberglass, and most solid surfaces. In addition, the heavy-duty orbital sander will provide enhanced quality in sheet metal and less demanding applications such as wood or fiberglass. Sanders can be interchanged for applications that require polishing.

The user-friendly control panel enables the user to enter the sanding parameters based on the job. Your material will be sanded with consistent quality from components machined within industry-leading tolerances and rigorously tested for years of dependable use. The Surface Glide CNC Sanding Machine uses our vacuum table for hold down with precision leading flatness of approximately +/- .001” (.025mm) flatness per ten square foot span. The unparalleled flatness that SA vacuum tables offer will provide consistent quality between products.

Utilizing the revolutionary Mirka Ceros DC brushless motor random orbit sander, you will implement the latest orbital sanding technology. Virtually silent operation (68 dB), variable speed (4,000 to 10,000 rpm), durable construction, and a three-year guarantee. The sander comes with vacuum integration for debris collection.

Orbital Sander Features:
• Brushless motor, no more changing brushes.
• Constant temperature monitoring in the motor and the controller card for durability.
• Exchangeable power cord.
• Vibration reduction system, which minimizes the vibrations for your main process.
• Improved backing pad for reliable dust removal.
• Features a ‘closed construction’ which prevents dust from entering the motor where it can cause wear and damage.

  • Automatic Surface CNC Sanding  Machine - Super Glide

User Interface

  • sanding machine controls

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Sizes Available

Custom Sizes Available Upon Request

Size 1 Machine:

  • 72″ X-axis travel, 36″ Y-axis, 3″ Z-axis.
  • Vacuum table 72″ x 36″.
  • Max sheet size for completely sanding sheet – 66″ x 30″.

Size 2 Machine:

  • 108″ X-axis travel, 60″ Y-axis, 3″ Z-axis.
  • Vacuum table 108″ x 60″.
  • Max sheet size for completely sanding sheet – 102″ x 54″.

Size 3 Machine

  • 144″ X-axis travel, 84″ Y-axis, 3″ Z-axis.
  • Vacuum table 144″ x 84″.
  • Max sheet size for complete sanding – 138″ x 78″.

Standard Machine Features

  • 2 Axis servo motor controls Touch screen interface.
  • 5″ Diameter Mirka Sander Dust collection.
  • Heavy duty machine base Vacuum table flatness within +/- .001″ per linear foot.
  • 1/16″ diameter vacuum holes on 0.75″ centers.

Why Choose the Super Glide

The SA Super Glide CNC sanding system is made for any abrading process that you want automated, particularly those that are large format. The Mirka Orbital Sander that comes integrated with the system has interchangeable sanding pads. From film to steel, the Super Glide will provide a programmable and reliable automatic solution to your sanding jobs. The machine will pay for itself in freeing up your labor and ensuring every piece under the system is thoroughly sanded without any worries over respiration issues that arise from your material.   Mirka includes patented abrasive Abranet pads that come with the system that provides you with industry leading quality. The pad includes an open weave net, which will not allow dust particles of more than 0.5mm through the dust extraction hole.  Film backed abrasives are smooth, flexible and ideal for scratch resistant clearcoats. Paper backed abrasives are durable, ideal for high speed sanding on a variety of different materials. Cloth backed abrasives are for machine sanding with outstanding resistance to wear and tear- typically used for jobs that require sanding to remove larger areas of material.   Sanding resin is important to ensure you have flat and even surface after curing. As you can probably surmise, there are a variety of different resins, luckily all of which have a sanding pad that can be used on the Super Glide. Epoxy resin may be extremely hard to work with, which may require the surface to be wet, waterproof sanding methods will make the job easier. Silicon carbide pads are ideal for this application. Adding water to your resin will also minimize the dust amount, however the Super Glide has a function to vacuum excess particulates. Water will also minimize the heat, which may cause the resin to dissolve and affect the surface flatness.   When you are sanding your aluminum, silicon carbide pads are the best for your process, whether you are trying to smooth the surface or removing material on top. When sanding on metal, a minimum of 320 grit is recommended. Raw aluminum can be sanded/polished to a near reflective surface. Sanding aluminum manually without SA equipment or masks/goggles may cause the worker to develop acute symptoms caused from aluminum toxicity, some symptoms may become chronic.