Screen Printing Your Dosage Cups

Dosage cup screen printing has been perfected into a system that will perfect your existing process while lowering labor costs. The turn-key system starts with the Model Vinci. The modular design of the Model Vinci allows your dosage cups to have concurrent processes going on during your printing.

The dosage cups are fed to the screen printing machine through a vibrator tumbler feeder. The parts are orientated for the screen printing machine and fed through the Systematic Automation designed and manufactured loader that is specific to your product and placed on the mandrels, which are machined aluminum. The part is then rotated 360 degrees for the flame treatment system to remove any residue and improve your surface tension prior to screen printing.  Following that is the screen printing system that images your dosage cups.

Systematic Automation will work with you on screen making and acquiring new inks if required. SA manufactured automatic ink dispensers that can be integrated into the unit as well. After the print station, the dosage cups are inspected through the vision system, which will reject and eject any part that doesn’t meat your image requirements. Your dosage cups are then cured with either conventional UV or LED.

Finally, your dosage cups are ready for packaging. Conveyors may be integrated for cups to move into the packaging process. Speak to an application specialist today on how best we can automate your imaging. 

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