Standard Screen Printing Options

Capability to Operate Printer in Either Print/Flood Cycle or Flood/Print Cycle

The standard F1 machine cycle sequence is “print/flood”. The machine waits after each print with the screen flooded. This is desirable for solvent or water based inks so the ink does not dry into the screen mesh. The standard F1 machine has a switch (“hold flood” switch) to hold the flood cycle, but the switch must be actuated before the end of the stroke and the F1 will not automatically cycle in the “hold flood” mode. The Flood Print control option converts the F1 printer to flood immediately prior to the print stroke (as the screen descends) instead of the standard “print flood” mode where the machine always floods the screen after printing. The Model 810 printer has a control panel which includes a “print flood” and “flood print” selector switch.

Adjustable Angle Squeegee

Use this option when the standard 15″ fixed squeegee holder does not suit your particular application. In most cases 15 degrees (from vertical) is the ideal average. Even when a greater angle is needed (for more ink deposit) by bearing down harder with the squeegee pressure and travel, squeegees will deflect and in effect change the angle by virtue of deflecting. The softer the squeegee material the more readily it will deflect. SA also sells individual squeegee holders with fixed angles that are vertical or any customer specified angle. The adjustable squeegee angle option allows you to adjust the angle precisely. Refer to drawing “adjustable squeegee” in customer file. Steep angles are often used when heavy ink deposits are needed. Printing plastisol inks on fabric often need steep angles (30 degrees from vertical approx).


Your product surface may require pretreatment to promote ink adhesion. Products ordered in bulk may have oil contaminants or other residue as well as having poor surface tension, which can be remedied by flame pretreatment. Pretreatment integration is done by installing a burner on your machine that will provide flame to your entire surface area. If your product is cylindrical, it will spin 360 degrees, parallel with the burner and if it is flat, the flame system will move to cover your product area. Burners are made in house and to size. Pretreatment is done prior to printing your product.

Off Contact Precision Dial Indicator

Calibrate the distance in height between the screen and the tooling plate. Ideal for offset printing.

Mechanical Pointer

Can be used for registration on products that do not offer a means to register, such as a handle, notch, or detent on the bottom of the substrate. The pointer has X and Y adjustability and is meant to line up with any indentation on the drinkware for registration between colors.

Dual Print Head

For precise squeegee equalization for squeegees 16″ (406 mm) or longer. Includes front carriage interlock and rodless cylinder. Please specify your desired squeegee length with order.

Three Precision Dial Indicators 

Mounted on X,Y and angular micro adjustable table, which calibrates movement in the X, Y and angular position.

Adjustable Squeegee Pressure

Controls the pressure that the squeegee puts on the screen. Ideal for use with stencils.

5 Digit Stroke Counter

Mounted on X,Y and angular micro adjustable table, which calibrates movement in the X, Y and angular position.

Press Frame Riser Blocks

Raises the height of your print carriage for large (in height) products.

specialized tooling fixtures and accessories

SA manufactures a variety of specialized tooling fixtures and accessories to adapt and expand the capabilities of your printer. We have designed tooling for many situations, so what might be a custom job somewhere else, at Systematic Automation is a standard option. We can also assist you in finding Spare Parts.

Universal Wareholder
Cylindrical Product Tooling

Tooling that you will be able to print your entire drinkware catalogue with.

Optical Registration System

Precision multicolor printing registration for cylindrical products.

Multi-color Printing Attachment

For printing up to four colors in one print cycle.

Dedicated Tooling
Cylindrical Product Tooling

Tooling that is made for your particular product with options to tailor it for your printing process.

Tacky Roller Cleaner

Modular cleaning system that can be added to inline printers.

Plasma-Jet Pretreatment

For pretreating your products with plasma to improve adhesion.

Screen Printing Squeegee

The component for applying ink to the surface of your product through the screen.

Automatic Ink Dispenser

A fully automatic, programmable controller to dispense ink and adhesive.

Loaders & Unloaders

Loading systems for small, medium and large size products.

Underscreen Wiper

For wiping the bottom of the screen after doing a print to prevent excess paint from dripping onto the substrate. The option is for when the viscosity of the ink is low and going through the screen. The wiper can actuate after each print stroke.

Anti-Static Unit

Modular anti-static system for screen printing presses.

Screen Tension Meter

A rugged precision screen tension measuring instrument.

Adjustable Tilting Squeegee

For the ultimate control of your printing process.