PRINT Belt Screen Printing Machine

  • Revolutionary design – no tooling/fixtures required
  • Modular design lets you print any flat product, regardless of size and shape
  • Multicolor printing with conventional UV, LED and heat tunnel available
  • Modular design allows for process integration such as automatic loading, unloading, pretreatment, vision and more.


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  • Product Description

Product Description

Designed Specifically For Your Application

The PRINT Belt is an in-line automatic turn-key screen printing machine that can accomodate any flat product regardless of shape and size. The modular design of the PRINT Belt allows for seamless integration of options to increase productivity while minimizing labor. The simplicity of the design is first of its kind. You no longer require tooling/fixtures for your product for printing. Multicolor operations offer precision prints that you will be proud to have represent your brand.

The PRINT Belt utilizes an industry standard belt for product transport. A sensor is used to print your product once it is directly below the printer. The sensor also doubles as a product present detector, allowing the operator to walk away from the machine at any time. Following the sensor, two adjustable sliding nests will come out from the top and bottom to trap the product for a precision print. The nests can be changed over for different shapes and sizes. The conveyor is mounted on an X-Y and angular micro-adjustable table for registration set-up. Automatic loading and unloading are available upon request.

Incorporated into the movement of the PRINT Belt is the servo motor to index the conveyor. A touch screen display will allow the operator to control the speed, dwell and distance of the feed. You can enter the shortest distance for each move to achieve the highest throughput. A set up sheet can be kept to enter the speeds and distances for different products.

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Engineering Features

  • Versatility to print any flat product.
  • Modular design for process integration.
  • Loaders & unloaders available.
  • User friendly operation for unskilled labor.
  • Multi-color capable with precision registration.
  • UV or forced hot air curing available.