Conveyor Belts Made To Order

The Precision Belt Made to Meet Your Production Demands

Systematic Automation produces precision conveyor belts from from tear resistant PTFE coated fiberglass fabric. The open mesh enables air-flow while curing your products. Woven in with antistatic low-friction fiberglass tape and chemical-resistant, high temperature threading throughout to ensure you have quality you can trust for your business to depend on.  We produce belts for our standard conveyors, large format conveyors, UV LED conveyors and are universal for other brands of conveyors. The entire process of belt making is done in house, enabling us to easily produce the belt to your custom specifications. Leadtime for new belts is approximately 2-3 days prior to shipment. Contact us today to speak with an application engineer on ordering a belt specific to your conveyor. It will stay on file for future orders. Receive your belts tailored for your conveyor with quick lead times.

  • 2-3 day lead-time from order placement.
  • Custom conveyor belt sizes made to order.
  • Belt able to withstand temperatures between 100°F (-73° C) to +500°F (+260°C).
  • Tear resistant PTFE coated fiberglass fabric.The woven glass material offers industry leading strength and stability.
  • Conveyor belts ideal for high heat curing.
  • FDA approved for food processing and  handling
  • Woven in antistatic low-friction fiberglass tape.
  • Chemical resistant, high temperature threading.

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