Dedicated Tooling for your Cylindrical Products

Dedicated tooling for cylindrical products is made for the Model F1-DC. Dedicated tooling is best used for printers who are just getting started. The versatility of the Model F1 allow any cylindrical product to have dedicated tooling for it. Each piece of dedicated tooling easily pops in and out for quick and easy change over during screen printing. For dedicated tooling, each cylindrical product to be screen printed has its own set of tooling. The tooling is gear driven for maximum repeatability during screen printing of your cylindrical products. The gear allows the part to rotate in synchronization with the screen moving back and forth.

Screen printing drinkware has never been simpler

The dedicated tooling allows for more customization. You may have a large item such as a growler that needs tooling. Growlers can take longer to load with generic universal tooling but dedicated tooling allows you to merely put the growler on the tooling and press the foot pedal. From that point, the tooling will enclose itself around the drinkware for a secure fit. It is connected with the pneumatics of the machine for ease of use.

You may also want to print multiple colors. Dedicated tooling can give the operator a point of reference for rotation of the drinkware when printing. This can be done with either the cap of the bottle or a bottom indentation on the product. Both will require less than a second of your time for registration when printing multiple colors.

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