T8-SS Screen Printing Machine

  • Integrated UV and take-off system.
  • Simple, reliable, easy to service.
  • Approximately 3,600 parts per hour.
  • Harmonic acceleration and deceleration of rotary indexer.
  • Optional integration of automatic loaders, pretreatment and more.


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Product Description

Automate Your Screen Printing Process

The Model T8-SS (U.S. Patent # 5,784,932) is a compact profit center designed for years of dependable service. Now you can control production output and quality while cutting your labor costs, all with a machine that is easy to use and service. Set-up from one product to the next becomes less a matter of skill and more a matter of setting pre-determined values.

The fully automatic screen printer features automatic loading (optional),pretreatment (optional) integrated UV curing and unloading. Mechanical and optical registration for multicolor printing is available. The machine includes an 8 or 4 station, patented, servo driven, rotary indexer for unmatched accuracy and speed.The simplicity of operation make the T8-SS ideal for printing large quantities.

Cycle speeds up to 3,600 parts per hour are easily attainable (depending on application). This T8-SS features a control system designed for simplicity and dependability with an analog interface.

Any open cylindrical container, cup or bottle can be printed with the
T8-SS and can be shared with the same printer if you decide to use the machine as your workhorse for a variety of product lines with sizes that range from small to large. Many customers use the T8-SS as a one stop solution for cups that range from small to stadium size.

Modular Automation Options

  • LED module for UV curing in place of conventional UV lamp
  • Conveyor loader system
  • Automatic unloader onto conveyor
  • Flame or FieroSil pretreatment
  • Anti-static module attachment
  • Mechanical registration for multicolor (submit product for evaluation)

Ideal for Printing Your Foam Cups & Plastic Cups


Optional Integrations & Variations


Engineering Features

  • Unique modular design.
  • 100% made in USA.
  • Simple, reliable, easy to service.
  • Machine tool quality and durability.
  • Hardened, ground and polished shafts, top quality linear ball bearings rated at over 300 million cycles.
  • Harmonic acceleration and deceleration of rotary indexer.
  • Overload protection for operator safety.
  • Quick release squeegee assembly.
  • Flood bar rises and falls alternately with squeegee.
  • Smooth, quiet operation.
  • Carriage opens pneumatically for screen cleaning and set up.
  • Electrical enclosure is hinged and swings open for easy access.

Standard Features

    • Patented (U.S. patent #5,784,932) servo driven indexer.
    • Product present detector.
    • Ultra Light UV system.
    • Ultra Light UV light shutters and guarding.
    • Quick change over from one product size to the next.
    • variable UV product rotation speed.


  • LED Integration in place of conventional UV.
  • Pre-treatment.
  • Multicolor pre-registration.
  • Automatic ink dispenser.


Your product surface may require pretreatment to promote ink adhesion. Products ordered in bulk may have oil contaminants or other residue as well as having poor surface tension, which can be remedied by flame pretreatment. Pretreatment integration is done by installing a burner on your machine that will provide flame to your entire surface area. If your product is cylindrical, it will spin 360 degrees, parallel with the burner and if it is flat, the flame system will move to cover your product area. Burners are made in house and to size. Pretreatment is done prior to printing your product.