Screen Printing On Your Nail Files

Screen printing on nail files is industry solution for imaging. The ideal ink would be UV with pretreatment or solvent based inks. The nail file will continuously be used and your image continuously scratched. Adhesion promotion is ideal for this application as it will need to withstand heavy customer use. Optimize your brand visibility on a product the customer will continuously see when using. The images you print using the screen printing method can leave heavy enough of a deposit to feel with ones finger tips. 

CC-5000, CARD printer

The Model CC-5000 Screen Printing Machine can be configured to print nail files. Fingernail files can be automatically printed on our Model CC-5000 Screen Printer at a rate of 3,600 parts per hour. The nail files are loaded into the feed magazine on the machine, feed fingers automatically move the nail files along the machine to the print station, and then the nail files exit onto a ramp off the machine. Systematic Automation manufactures conveyor dryers that can be placed next to the Model CC-5000 to dry the ink as the nail files come off of the printer. Because the screen printing process is able to print a heavier ink deposit than other printing processes, it is the most effective way known to print a nail file. Pretreatment systems may be integrated onto the system for adhesion promotion. You will be able to print approximately 3,500 parts per hour. Call today to speak with an application engineer on how best you can print your nail files.