Automatic Screen Printing on Your Small Format Cylindrical Products

The Model Vinci is best when used for high production of your small format cylindrical products such as dosage cups or syringe barrels. The machine can be set to your preferred level of automation due to its modular design. Loaders, unloaders, vision systems, UV curing, flame treatment and more can be integrated to your system. The Vinci is capable of printing approximately 4,300 parts per hour. You may change the dial on the Vinci for different sized products. Simultaneous pretreatment, loading and vision make it possible for all processes to maintain a quick rate of printing. 

The Model Vinci can be tooled to screen print on you other small format cylindrical products. The dial for the Vinci has 72 mandrels for product placement from the loader. Mandrels can be sized for different shaped products such as dosage cups to pen/syringe barrels.  Different curing options can be chosen such as forced hot air or UV. The design of the Vinci is entirely mechanical. The mechanical design future proofs your system from any electronic components becoming obsolete and is low maintenance. The Vinci is built for continuous 3 shift production daily. The Video to the left features metallic tubes being printed with an feeding system tailored for the customer.