• NCC Screen Printing Machine | Flat Products

    NCC Screen Printing Machine | Flat Products

    Rotary Index Printers For Flat Products
    • Highest quality servo motor drive and reducer are used.
    • Modular design permits easy modification and integration.
    • Electronic positioning of extreme accuracy +/-.001″(.025 mm) at all stations.
    • Hollow Ring™ dial to servo drive coupling is overload crash protected.
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  • Model SST Automatic Screen Printer

    SST Screen Printing Machine | Flat Products

    SST Screen Printing Machine | Flat Products

    Sliding Table Printers For Flat Products
    • Ideal for panels, windshields, sheet stock, plaques and more.
    • Top quality linear ball bearings rated at over 300 million cycles.
    • Extremely accurate sliding table position.
    • Table servo drive coupling features overload/crash protection.
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Systematic Automation, Inc. is a world leading manufacturer of automatic screen printing machines for many commercial and industrial purposes. We have been in business for well over thirty years, setting the industry standard with state-of-the-art screen printing equipment and supplies. We have vast experience designing, engineering and manufacturing several models of semi-automatic and automatic screen printing machines.

Vast Selection of Automatic Screen Printing Machines from Innovative Systematic Automation

Within our vast selection of more than twenty different models, we offer several that are fully automatic screen printing machines, manufactured with superior quality and state-of-the-art engineering designs. Various models are available including:

Our In-Line Automatic Screen Printing Machine Models:

  • CC-5000: All types of flat materials, rapid, low-cost and high performance ideal for products such as plastic cards and lighters
  • Super ROI: Simple design, low maintenance, rugged, reliable, with one to six color screen printing, very cost effective

Turret Motion Automatic Screen Printing Machine Models:

  • Koozie: Eight station indexer, ability to print on both sides of the Koozie in a single operation, auto dryer, sensor with electronic counter and audible smoke detector mounted to the top.
  • T8-SS:Automatic loading and unloading, pre-treatment and UV curing for cylindrical products
  • Vinci 1452: High speed, integrated air dryer with automatic loading and unloading of cylindrical products, up to 4,300 parts per hour

Rotary Index Automatic Screen Printing Machine Models:

  • Microscope Slide: Produces perfectly printed glass slides in specific order quantities
  • Model RC-2: Two color printing, high-speed indexing, flexible with optional auxiliary products to adapt to various flat products
  • NCC: Precision high speed indexer, precise printing with two to six colors utilizing UV curing on various flat products.
  • NCC.5E: PLC Controlled (Programmable Logic Controller), high speed two color with built in take-off for various flat products

Sliding Table Printers:

  • Model SST: Servo controller, automatically print two or three color with touch screen interface, multicolor with UV integration, quick changeover
  • Model SX: Multi-color print with every cycle, prints two to six colors with three shift automatic printing on flat products

This is a sample line-up of our very popular automatic screen printing machines offering years of expertise in manufacturing top of the line screen printing equipment and supplies.

Systematic Automation manufactures various models of screen printing machines that can be customized to your specific application. We have been providing printing solutions to various industries including promotional, glassware, plastic products, automotive, aerospace and pharmaceutical. Contact Systematic Automation today, the experts in manufacturing automatic screen printing machines.