Microscope Slide Screen Printing Machine

  • Servo driven rotary indexer.
  • Glass chipping is nearly 100% eliminated.
  • Automatic loader including load magazines and pick & place.
  • 2-axis automatic unload robot including unload slide gripper.


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The Most Sophisticated Microscope Slide Printer

Systematic Automation has created a fully automatic precision Microscope Slide Printer that allows you to produce perfectly printed slides in exact order quantities, all automatically. It’s brilliantly simple modular design allows you to focus on process and product rather than on the equipment. This is a machine you will be proud to bring to your shop floor. Easy to operate. Easy to understand.
The Microscope Slide Printer will be your reliable workhorse. Plowing through orders large or small. Designed and built entirely in the USA at our factory in Connecticut. Nobody knows how to build rugged and reliable machines like Systematic Automation. We have been doing it since 1983.


  • Screen chase for non-standard screen frames.
  • Vision system.
  • Nikon high resolution camera and monitor with adjustable magnification.
  • Additional takeoff trays.
  • Special takeoff tray size.
  • Loader & unloader.


  • Speed range: Variable to 1,080 slides per hour.
  • Machine height, width, depth- 61.25″ (1556mm) x 124″ (3150mm) x 108″ (2738mm).
  • Shipping weight 2,900 lbs (approximate).
  • Registration and repeatability +/- .003″ (.07mm).
  • Slide size range .964″ (25mm) min. x 1.004″ (25.5mm) max.
  • Slide size range (length 75mm) 2.960″ standard industry tolerance.
  • Slide size range (thickness 1mm) .040″ standard industry tolerance.
  • In-feed magazine capacity 600 slides (approximate).

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    Engineering Features

    • Machine tool quality and durability.
    • U.S. Patent # 5,784,932.
    • Prints frosted or unfrosted microscope slides.
    • Break away safely features throughout to protect operator and machine.
    • Linear bearings throughout rated at over 300 million cycles.
    • Servo motor overload protection.
    • Rear screen frame holder is precision hinged providing quick access to inside of screen and squeegee.
    • Easily removable squeegee/flood bar assembly.
    • Flood bar rises and falls alternately with squeegee.
    • Smooth quiet operation.
    • Each component is modular for simplicity of design and serviceability.
    • Oversize slides are automatically detected.
    • Hardened tool steel slide escapement.
    • Glass chipping is nearly 100% eliminated.
    • Machine can be loaded with slides as it is running.
    • All rugged PLC machine control.
    • Welded steel machine base. Powder coated.
    • Mechanical dripping and vacuum holding of slide in nest.
    • Machine makes no contact with top of slide.
    • Slides are gripped from the sides only.
    • Common exhaust and oil free cylinders for pneumatic eliminates contamination.
    • Large in-feed magazine capacity.

    Standard Features

    • Non-contact vacuum on top of slide for cleaning prior to printing.
    • Pre-cleaning vacuum on nest prior to loading.
    • Variable print and flood speed control.
    • Variable squeegee pressure with gauge.
    • X, Y and angular screen frame micro adjust with dial indicators.
    • Foot pedal cycle start for set up.
    • Resettable counter.
    • Manual load feature for non standard slides.
    • Adjustable squeegee angle.
    • Micro adjustment of flood bar parallelism to screen.
    • Slide part present detect. omits print stroke.