Taking The Complexity Out Of Screen Making

Stretching mesh to your screen may seem daunting at first. The optimal tension is 25-30 newtons per square inch. The SA Screen Tension meter provides you with simple and precise measuring for this process.

The Screen Tension Meter incorporates a simple stainless steel weight, rather than the forever changing personality of springs and mechanisms, to deflect the screen fabric.

The spring and gear cog drag, inherent in conventional dial type screen tension meters, has been eliminated by the incorporation of an electronic indicator. A “wheelbase” twice that of conventional screen tension meters further increases its accuracy.

The simplicity of one moving part that relies on gravity makes this screen tension meter able to withstand hard use and abuse while providing you with the confidence of accurate and precise measurements that will be repeatable year after year.


  • Measuring Range 5 to 30 newtons (N/cm) max indicator range (Indication Error 1/10 of 1%)
  • Reading: 0.0005”
  • Battery (1): Lithium CR2032, 3 Volt
  • Working Temperature: (32°- 72°F) 0- 40 °C
  • Storage Temperature: (12°- 90°F) -20°- +70°C
  • Humidity Influence: Relative Humidity <80% without influence
Screen Tensioner with Indicator