Screen Printing Machines for Promotional Items

From personalized gifts to marketing and promotional materials, custom printed promotional items are a great way to increase brand awareness and get more impressions for your logo and branding. We manufacture and help you determine the right solution for your promotional business needs.

Create quality, durable reminders of achievement and recognition of merit with our versatile printers that can print any award medium, trophy or plaque style, printing both flat and cylindrical mediums for awards with multiple color printing.

screen printed bags

Custom Bags keep waste down while promoting brand awareness. Print a wide range of custom bags with our custom bag screen-printer. We offer various attachments to help customize your bag for your customer's needs.

The Model F1 is the industry standard for automatic frisbee screen printing. Create custom frisbees with your logo or branding with long-lasting print quality. The operation is as simple as loading, pressing and foot pedal and unloading.

Frisbee or red flying disc
Super ROI screen printing glassware

Whether you're printing flat or round sided jars, we offer a solution to handle your glass jar orders of all shapes and sizes. Offer the rustic or elegant design your customer is looking for to commemorate a wedding, reunion, or special event.

Our design for our Lanyard Screen Printing Machine provides unrivaled speed and productivity, all in a space-efficient package. Six strands of the product get printed at once, image quality optimized, avoiding ink smear, and our plastisol ink dryer uses 1/10 of the electrical power of conventional dryers. Modular construction permits easy servicing or configuration for your particular application.


Koozies continue to be a top seller for promotional items. Our koozie printer can print on both sides in a single operation, which will cut your print time in half. With the most energy-efficient dryer available, your energy savings will be significant!

Help your customers make a lasting impression or elevate their brand with high-quality custom nameplates. Our printing equipment for nameplates offers versatility with flat or cylindrical printing and quick changeover with superior quality and performance.

Blank desk name plate metal for office home interior.
napkins, isolated, 3d rendering, white background

Custom printed napkins are perfect for breweries and wineries, trade shows, festivals, special events, weddings or fundraisers. Our napkin screen printing equipment will deliver all your napkin printing needs.

Our plastic bottle screen printing machine is versatile to accommodate various sizes, easy to operate without sacrificing quality, and quick-change ability allowing you to increase your cycle time and reduce labor costs.

Green sport plastic water bottle standing 3D render illustration isolated on white background
Badge identification white blank plastic id card isolated with clipping path

Save time and money while printing plastic ID cards with high-quality and high-volume printing solutions. Our plastic ID card printer provides the fastest card printing process available, producing one card per second.

The Model F1-DC design allows tooling to screen print large cylindrical products like 5-gallon water jugs. What better place for your customers to show off their branding and logo than where everyone is just standing around... the watercooler!

Five gallon plastic water bottle isolated on white
Vector illustration of bags in different colors on plain backgrounds

Custom Tote Bags keep waste down while promoting brand awareness. Print a wide range of custom tote bags with our tote bag screen-printer. We offer various attachments to help customize your tote bag for your customer's needs.

When it rains, it pours brand-recognition, with our umbrella screen printing equipment. Your customers will love their umbrellas so much they will use them rain or shine, as shade from sun exposure means more exposure for your branding!

Design Template for Mock-up, Branding and Advertise. Front, Open Top View and Closed View
Set of realistic pens. Vector

Printed pens are one of the most popular promotional methods for receiving brand awareness. People typically loan pens, which extends the reach of your marketing. Systematic Automation has perfected the process of pen printing into one that will yield you industry leading images, best in class machine quality and reliability you can count on.

Coasters are one of most popular items for promotional printing. Automatically screen print your coasters today. Integrated loaders, screen printing, heat tunnel and more options are available for your system.


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