Flame Treatment

Systematic Automation is a leading global supplier of state-of-the-art automated equipment including our Flame Treatment Machines such as our patent pending flame treatment design for 360 degree coverage of cylindrical products.  We have more than thirty years of experience in designing, engineering, manufacturing and installing superior flame treatment, UV curing, screen printing machines, and vacuum tables for various industrial processes worldwide. All flame treatment systems feature the revolutionary SA burner. FieroSil is available for optimal ink adhesion.

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Eight Station | Cylindrical Products

The Model FL is the first and only of its kind. Its patented design sets itself apart from the competition. No tooling is required, one size fits all without any need for manual adjustment. The Geneva Drive index ensures a lifetime of reliability. Flame treatment has never been so simple!

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One Up | Cylindrical Products

The Bottle Treater has revolutionized the flame treatment industry by combining simplicity with efficiency, all at an extremely affordable price. Changeover is a simple process that takes seconds. Hybrid systems can be made to both UV cure and flame treat your products.

Flame Treatment Machines Utilize Patented Engineering Features

Systematic Automation has developed a revolutionary design by incorporating advanced engineering features with superior components for a simple flame treatment machine that requires little maintenance. We utilize a Geneva Indexer that provides smooth dial motion with harmonic acceleration and deceleration, driven by a 100-volt variable speed AC Tech brushless motor.

This patented mechanical design features a simple overload clutch engineered and manufactured in our modern facility. A chain connects the machine controller to the indexer drive and since no programmable logic controller (PLC) is used there is no risk of electrical component obsolescence.

The Model FL 360° flame treatment machine offers years of hassle free maintenance with superior functionality.

Liquid propane vs natural gas for pretreatment

Propane is often supplied in very high pressures. Any propane tanks must be stored outdoors and in accordance with building codes. Your HVAC professional will advise in the proper installation and use of propane gas. This unit is not designed to reduce the high pressure that is delivered from a liquid propane gas source. This unit is designed for a maximum inlet gas pressure of 6 to 8 in/H2O (1/3 PSI). Higher pressure gas delivered to the gas input connection can damage the gas regulator diaphgram. 

Adjust for an efficient gas burn. An efficient gas burn is required for proper pretreatment of your products. A lean burn (too much air) is evident when the flame lifts away from the burner. A rich burn (too little air) is evident when the flame is large and yellow. An efficient burn is a blue cone flame. The hottest point of the flame is at the tip. Position your burner so the hottest part of the flame does the work of treating your product. However, if your part is irregular in shape, has a feature such as a handle it is acceptable to create whatever type of flame that is necessary to properly treat your product.

Be sure to use dyne pens to check the surface tension of your product using standard quality control procedures. Keep in mind that certain materials (such as UHMW polyethylene) can  revert to their original untreated dyne levels over time after flame treatment. Your dyne level may well change hours, days or weeks after the flame treat.

The product must be placed on the center of the spinning plates so the product turns concentrically. The amount that the product is not centered, it will oscillate and the flame distance will increase or decrease as a result. 

Applications for Flame Treatment Machines

Several industrial applications realize cost saving efficiencies with flame treatment systems used as a pretreatment machine on products for better adhesion of inks and exterior coatings that may be applied during a screen printing process. Flame treatment systems are also beneficial in manufacturing processes to burn off contaminants or excess flash on products. Our state-of-the-art flame treatment machines are used with several products including mugs, pint glasses, glass bottles, growlers, glassware, drinkware and plastic bottles.

Systematic Automation sets the industry standard with patented technology for high performing flame treatment systems. We manufacture all machines with quality components for long lasting cost savings. All machines are inspected and tested for reliable performance prior to shipping. Contact us today for proven solutions for your flame treatment machine.