Important Screen Printing Machine Purchase Factor

When looking for a screen printing machine to purchase, there is an overlooked factor and that is serviceability. You don’t want to spend thousands on a printer only to have it down for days, weeks or longer. The topic of service for your machine is also dependent on availability of parts and how quick and easy it is to speak with a technician from the company where you purchased your machines.

Machines such as the Systematic Automation, Model F1 is completely pneumatic and has no electrical components that may go obsolete. The Model F1 semi-automatic screen printer is one of several fully pneumatic screen printing machines. Other technical factors that indicate longevity is if the machine is mechanical. The Model RC-1 is an example of a machine that is fully mechanical and only requires oil for lubrication of its indexer.

Your technician should ideally be from your country. You may be purchasing from a sales representative from your country but that doesn’t mean they will provide the support. Also, it is good to find out if the purchased parts are being sourced nationally. What may start as a cheap machine, could end up costing you in purchased parts alone (shipment costs). If your technician is from a different time zone, you will most likely be a day behind in assistance. This means more time down and out of production.

When you initially invest on a machine, there are a variety of factors to look into. You could be getting a machine for cheap but think of what it will cost you in sourcing parts, receiving technical assistance & down time. The machine is useless if at the end of the day it is not giving you a return on investment. Systematic Automation machines are built to last decades of heavy use. The first Model F1 built in 1983 is still on the production floor today.

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