Lighter Screen Printing Machine

The Model CC-5000 can be configured to screen print on lighters. You will be able to print approximately 3,000 lighters per hour without any operator intervention since the entire system is automatic. All the operator has to do is make sure that the feeder for the CC-5000 is full. Lighters come in many different forms. The CC-5000 can print almost any lighters that is not cylindrical in shape.

The CC-5000 system is a turn-key system for your printing operations. See the video on the right for a representation on how fast your lighters will be along with the operation of the feeder, automatic printer, UV conveyor and stacker. All components can be added at any time, making this one of the most modular automatic printing systems on the market. The UV conveyor is placed directly after the CC-5000, to receive the printed lighters for curing the ink. Once the lighters are cured, they are feed into a stacker that accumulates all of the finished products before you package them.

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Automatic Screen Printing Machine Printing Crayon Boxes- Model CC-5000