Wood Screen Printing

This version of the Model F1 Screen Printer has been optimized for printing on wood. Your wood product will have tooling tailored for its specific shape and size. Different fixtures for wood are available based on the level of automation you would like. Most pieces of wood are sanded down, which will require no modification to your screen. If the piece of wood is coarse, you will require a screen with a coarse mesh so the screen does not tear. Typically screens are durable enough to print even on standard wood that is not sanded down.

Micro-adjustments can easily be made from the tooling plate of the machine so that the printing location on your wood is easily found. The Model F1 is a precision printer (components are machined to a high tolerance) so that you have repeatability in your wood printing. Wood blocks can quickly be placed on a fixture for one stroke printing on however many blocks you want.For example, you can pour 16 blocks of wood in your fixture, make sure they are all lying down flat and finally print all 16 wood blocks by pushing down the foot pedal. The Model F1 allows your print up to 1,800 pieces of wood per hour.

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Model F1 Screen Printing Wood