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How can I mount the vacuum table?The table is made with a “C” channel with a 3/8” flange around the border that you can either clamp down on or drill through to mount

Is a vacuum connection for an NPT pipe fitting available for the vacuum tables?

Yes, just specify the size. Standard high flow size or pipe taps available.

I already own a vacuum pump. Will it work with your vacuum table?

It should work. If not, you can always get a pump from us later on. If you decide to use the pump you have now we have reducers to fit our standard vacuum hose connection. Just let us know the inner diameter of your vacuum hose. You may also use our standard hose and manifold and we will make an adapter to fit your vacuum pump.

I am working with substrates which are prone to scratching. I do not want the substrate to scratch against the vacuum table when loading and unloading, is this possible?

Yes, you can use the vacuum valve with blowback. This valve blows air through the table for loading and unloading which creates a similar effect to an air hockey table. This option includes the ability to adjust the amount of air being blown back into the vacuum table when the vacuum is off. Compressed air (minimum 60 PSI) required

How flat is the top surface of the vacuum table?The top surface of the table is flat within .001" per linear foot.

How should I mount my table for optimal flatness?

In many instances, the bottom of the vacuum table is flat and parallel enough for mounting directly to your machine base. If the vacuum table is subjected to slight twisting forces (less than 1/16") then the table will return to its original state of having a flat top surface.

Mount your table, watching for rocking motion that indicates that the two mounting surfaces are not matching each other. Use shims to eliminate any rocking. Check parallelism to your machine gantry or slide and correct if necessary by adding additional shims, all the while eliminating any rocking which will introduce forces that will twist the table top out of flatness.

Is there a way to orient my part on the vacuum table in the same place each time?

Yes. You can make your own stop out of a rigid substrate and fasten it to the vacuum table top. We also carry options such as an automatic pin registration system which is a set of three steel pins located inside the vacuum table that are in the up position for loading and automatically retract when the vacuum is actuated. Sets of more than 3 are available.