Vacuum Tables Product Page

Systematic Automation is the leading CNC Vacuum Table manufacturer, with high precision for maximum flatness within +/- .001” per linear foot.  We have been manufacturing vacuum tables for over thirty years, our machines are used all over the world and set the standard for precision vacuum tables CNC capabilities included, providing precise computer-aided design control. Options are available such as the coolant seperator to elimate the risk of coolant getting inside your pump. The option specifically allows the the coolant collected through the holes of the vacuum table to be collected in a reservoir between the table and pump (keeping the coolant away from your pump). The option also features an alarm to ring when the reservoir reaches capacity.

Features of CNC Vacuum Table Equipment

We are sure to find the perfect CNC Vacuum Table for your operation from our vast selection of Vacuum Table CNC enhanced models in various sizes and shapes. Whether machining plexiglass, PVC, steel or any other product form available, we will find the most effective and cost-efficient solution for your operational needs. Systematic Automation has extensive experience in providing the right type of vacuum pump for your vacuum table with CNC capabilities.

Two types of vacuum pumps are available depending on your operation. Both are available with distinct coolant separators. Either style coupled with our vast experience as the leading global supplier of vacuum tables will provide superior vacuum force to hold a wide array of substrates completely secure during even extreme pressurized and precise operations.

As the leading manufacturer of various screen printing and vacuum table with CNC machines, we provide simple yet effective, efficient, and cost effective solutions for all your CNC vacuum table precision machining requirements. Our High Flow (Rotary Vane) vacuum pump used in conjunction with your vacuum table CNC, allows some leakage without losing significant vacuum force. Rotary vane pumps pull less vacuum force than diaphragm-type vacuum pumps. Diaphragm pumps are high vacuum force, coupled with low vacuum flow pumps. Even a small leakage would greatly reduce the vacuum holding power when using a diaphragm pump. The Diaphragm Pump, however, maximizes the holding power of the vacuum table by providing an extremely tight seal between the vacuum table CNC and the product workpiece.

If you are machining through your workpiece, sacrificial sub-plates are available with corresponding vacuum holes. Whatever your vacuum table requirements, Systematic Automation has the machine for you, or we will customize one for your specific requirements.

Value Added Services for Current Vacuum Tables

You can call on Systematic Automation to resurface your current vacuum table, applying our extensive knowledge in manufacturing precision CNC vacuum tables to providing superior engineering enhancements to your current product.

Our knowledgeable engineering department will assist you in selecting the optimum size vacuum table, type of pump best suited for your needs, and port location. Our precision vacuum tables are available with vacuum port connections from any side of the table, or at any location from the bottom of the table.