UV LED Integration

LED Case Study

UV LED integration is available for all SA automated machines and Model UVSP (for UV curing you cylindrical drinkware). Systematic Automation incorporates Phoseon's FireJet series. SA is not limited to Phoseon systems and can integrate any LED system that you specify. UV LED has several benefits over conventional UV. You will not have to replace lamps, no ozone is emitted, Life of LED is 20,000+ hours while being able to surpass 60,000+ hours and it is more energy efficient than conventional UV. UV LED systems can be built for a wide variety of different wavelengths that suit different inks for different industries. You will be able to cure prints, coatings and adhesives.Conventional UV emits heat that can distort the product, while UV LED is much cooler when in operation.

SA builds on these benefits by integrating an on/off feature, which allows the UV LED to only turn on when there is a product underneath and turn off when it goes to the printer. This feature alone will double the life of your UV LED system. We also incorporate a dimmer dial, which allows you to control the light intensity as well as a temperature meter. You may also integrate more features to optimize your LED system, such as a hand wheel that will either bring the UV LED closer or further away from your substrate. This is ideal for when you are working with different sized products. Placement of the LED system is entirely up to you. There are no limits on size of the UV LED either since they are stackable. Your machine will be less cumbersome due to the small foot print of the UV LED and power supply.

UV LED is able to accomplish all of this because it only emits one wavelength. Conventional UV emits many different wavelengths at once across a spectrum. Ink manufacturers are providing more LED inks for the growing demand. If you are currently using conventional inks, odds are that your ink manufacturer has an equivalent LED ink that they can offer you.

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Examples of LED Integration