Systematic Automation’s Super Glide is your low cost labor saving solution for consistent sanding or abrading on all types of flat materials such as wood, fillers, sealers, topcoats, fiberglass and most solid surfaces.

Our modular design allows us to build a machine for your specific application size at a very affordable price.

Easy to use control panel requires no special skills. Enter distance, offset, speed, on the routine touch screen menu and the servo motors do all of the work. Perfectly, safely and consistently. It just can’t get any simpler.

Utilizing the revolutionary Mirka Ceros DC brushless motor random orbit sander you will implement the latest in orbital sanding technology. Virtually silent operation (68 db), variable speed (4,000 to 10,000 rpm), few wearing components, and a three year guarantee. Your work environment will be cleaner because the vacuum integration with the sander will eliminate 95% of dust. You will be proud to bring to bring the Super Glide to your shop floor.

The Super Glide has all of the features you will need to start getting real production and quality. Change the worst job in your shop into the easiest job. Get other work done while the Super Glide is automatically doing the sanding. Keep quality consistent and controlled.


There are three sizes available for the Super Glide.

Size 1 Machine
72" X-axis travel, 36" Y-axis, 3" Z-axis
Vacuum table 72" x 36"
Max sheet size for completely sanding off and
on sheet - 66" x 30"

Size 2 Machine
108" X-axis travel, 60" Y-axis, 3" Z-axis
Vacuum table 108" x 60"
Max sheet size for completely sanding off and
on sheet - 102" x 54"

Size 3 Machine
144" X-axis travel, 84" Y-axis, 3" Z-axis
Vacuum table 144" x 84"
Max sheet size for completely sanding off and
on sheet - 138" x 78"

Standard Machine Features
2 axis servo motor controls
Touch screen interface
5" diameter Mirka Sander
Dust collection
Heavy duty machine base

Standard Vacuum Features
Vacuum table flat within +/- .001" per foot
1/16" diameter vacuum holes on 0.75" centers
1/8" aluminum top skin
2" aluminum honeycomb core
1/8" aluminum bottom skin
2-1/4" overall thickness
Vacuum hose connector to bottom center of vacuum table
Vacuum on/off switch and cord for vacuum pump
Quiet 1 HP vacuum pump and valve