Screen Frames For Your Production

Screen making is paramount to your printing process. You may want to consider bringing screen making in house with your screen printing machine for quality control and to minimize downtime if a screen rips during printing. Systematic Automation will assist you in acquiring and using all the tools needed for screen making. If you are unable to bring screen making to your shop, we are here to build your screens.

Supplies Required:
  • Screen Frame - Systematic Automation welds screens in house and to order. We leave 3" from the OD of the screen frame to the artwork. Typical material is aluminum
  • Mesh - The ink you use will indicate your mesh count, which typically range from 100 TPI to 380 TPI. The lower the mesh count, the higher the viscosity of the ink and vice versa. You will stretch the mesh to fit your frame size. Optimal tension is 25-30 Newtons per square inch. The SA Tension Meter will assist you in measuring your tension. Typical material is polyester.
  • Stencil - Your artwork will go on the stencil, which will then be burned on the screen with an exposure unit. Washing your screen with the mesh on is important to avoid any debris affecting the quality of your image prior to burning.
Stencil for screen printing machines.