The Most Versatile 6 Color Screen Printing Machine Available

Recommended Printer For Multi-Color Printing – Super ROI – Cylindrical | Model NCC – Flat | Model SST – Flat

Are you looking for a versatile and simple to operate 6 color screen printing machine that can flame treat, print and UV cure your cylindrical products in one process?  You’ve never seen a machine like the Super ROI, designed and manufactured by the leading screen printing manufacturer, Systematic Automation.  With more than forty years of experience in designing screen printers and vacuum tables, Systematic Automation also offers knowledgeable support and equipment for flame treatment and UV Curing.

Flame Treat, Screen Print and UV Cure All in One Machine

The Super ROI is a unique yet simple design, with a linear conveyor transport moving products throughout the process beginning with an optional quick flame pretreatment to prepare plastics for the printing process.  Products then move right into the printing process where the Model ROI 6 color screen printing machine will print from 1 to 6 colors on your cylindrical mug, cup or glassware.  An optional UV curing process can be applied upon exiting the automatic conveyor of the machine, providing instant cure of your printed product for long lasting durability.

The Model NCC and SST offer the same benefits when printing on flat products with more options for loading and unloaded. Both systems can be tailored to your specific process, which may include integration of your processes associated with printing into the machine. Our engineers have worked for 40 years on developing solutions to lower your labor and increase the quality of your finished goods.

Reliable Multi-Color Screen Printer for High Volume Production

All patented machines are manufactured by Systematic Automation in the United States, with high quality components and proprietary technology.   The Model ROI, NCC and SST are built to last, supporting high volume with a wide loading area accessible for manual or automated loading.   With our simple design incorporating Allen-Bradley Servo technology, the machines require minimal maintenance with no computers or control boards to maintain or replace due to obsolescence.

This 6 color screen printing machine will faithfully produce, paying for itself with reliable, precision performance providing quick return on investment (ROI).

Applications Utilizing Multi Color Screen Printing Machines

Systematic Automation is a leading screen printing machine manufacturer, providing the most cost-efficient printers, vacuum tables, flame pretreating and UV post treatment machines in the industry.  Applications benefitting from our top of the line 6 color screen printing machine include:

  • Glassware
  • Glass Candle Jars
  • Mugs
  • Jars
  • Wine Bottles
  • Pint Glasses
  • Olive Oil Bottles
  • Tubes
  • Oil Filters
  • saws
  • Signs
  • Overlays
  • Any Flat and Cylindrical product

This is just a small sample of the endless options available for use with the Super ROI rugged and reliable screen printing machine for your cylindrical products. The Model SST AND Model NCC are ideal for multicolor printing on flat products.  These and many more application realize improved efficiency and profitability with automated printing solutions provided by Systematic Automation.

Standard Features of 6 Color Screen Printer

The Model ROI, SST AND NCC are manufactured by Systematic Automation come with industry leading integrations for your process.

  • Adjustable flood stroke, print stroke and operating speed
  • Adjustable squeegee pressure
  • Emergency stop function
  • Selector switch for single cycle or automatic mode
  • Speed control of UV Cure function
  • UV curing power at 400 watts per inch (WPI) or LED Module
  • User friendly touch screen display
  • Vision system
  • Automatic loaders and unloaders

Systematic Automation has decades of experience in designing screen printing machines with the features that matter most to you.  The Model ROI comes with these standard features and many more, with customizable options available. The NCC is a rotary index printer that will take up the smallest foot print with the highest throughput available. The Model SST provides a six color process with curing in between each print cycle.

Advanced Engineering Features in Screen Printers by Systematic Automation

Systematic Automation has been designing, engineering, manufacturing and installing more than twenty models of screen printers for over thirty years.  We manufacture sophisticated, advanced technologies only available from our years of research and development.  Some key engineering features of the Model ROI include:

  • Modular design supports auxiliary systems such as Flame Treatment and UV Curing
  • Efficient with quick and easy product changeover
  • Versatile to print various products on the same machine
  • Adjustable squeegee and flood stroke speed
  • Durable and reliable machine tooling with transport system rated at over 300 million cycles
  • Resistance to corrosion with stainless steel printer shafts
  • User friendly Allen Bradley touch screen display
  • Servo Indexer is overload protected with low-maintenance
  • Easy loading with operator protection from UV exposure and mechanical pinch points
  • Continuous operation for support of high volume production
  • Ongoing support with easy accessibility of spare parts

Screen printing machines manufactured by Systematic Automation lead the industry with standard and engineering features designed to outperform any competition.  Our full line up of vacuum table systems combined with UV curing and flame treatment provide automated solutions for a turn-key printing operation.  Our machines can be found in various industries worldwide, known for superior quality, excellent service and ongoing support.

Systematic Automation is a leading manufacturer of semi-automatic and automatic screen printing machines for flat or cylindrical products in virtually any shape or size.  Our vacuum tables set industry standards with +/-.001” flatness per linear foot, and are used in a multitude of applications to enhance productivity and profitability.  Contact us today for proven solutions with any screen printing application, including 1 or 6 color screen printing machines.