Sheet Storage System

The best storage system for your sheet material – glass, steel, aluminum, laminates, granite and more! Increase your floor space and optimize your organization all while improving your safety.


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  • Product Description
  • Engineering Features
  • Design Advantages
  • Safety Advantages

Product Description

Introducing the new industry standard for sheet storage systems of aluminum, steel, glass, composites, laminates, granite or other suitable materials. The system protects sheets from damage and deformation while allowing easy viewing for sheet selection. The system allows for incoming material shipments to be quality control inspected, documented and stored safely. You will have the capability to quickly and safely handle heavy sheet material with speed and ease. Your material handling labor time will be significantly reduced. No more picking sheets for production from a stack.Sheets are densely stored vertically and slide in and out on nylon rollers. The storage system allows adjustment for various sheet widths. Each slot is numbered. Corresponding paper (or electronic) data sheets can be maintained by the operator to record the condition of each sheet in the rack. This allows optimum utilization of sheets and a recorded pre-inspected inventory. An optional modular boom and hoist with suction cups is available for retrieval of sheets. Custom sizes and configurations are made to order.

Solve Five Problems At Once

  • Quality control and documentation of all incoming sheets upon receipt of material.
  • Inventory level control and sheet utilization system.
  • Dense storage (up to 80% floor space saving).
  • Protection of sheet inventory when in storage.
  • Compact work flow system, from incoming material, inspection, storage buffer and delivery to work cell.

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Engineering Features

  • 100% manufactured in USA.
  • Sheets ride on a series of nylon rollers. Each roller is easily accessible and replaceable.
  • Each sheet stands on edge with no external forces to warp or damage it. Maximum sheet protection.
  • Entire unit is moveable by forklift using fork tubes at bottom of unit.
  • Modular optional jib crane can be mounted at any of the four corners of the magazine.
  • Material can be loaded at one end and removed at the other end. Or loaded and unloaded at either end.
  • Individual sheets do not touch each other (unless two sheets are placed in each slot).
  • No electronics to become obsolete or require service. No operator training required.
  • Complete utilization of space. Area above narrower sheets is also usable shelf space.
  • Two tiers of heavy duty shelving space is above for additional sheet inventory or skid storage.
  • No need to lag bolt to floor.
  • Optimum price/performance ratio.

Design Advantages

  • Maximum use of your floor space. Uses 1/6th to 1/10th the floor space you are currently using.
  • Quick and easy access to your sheet inventory. It just can’t get any simpler.
  • Quality control inspection of your incoming sheets is documented via paper or computer. Your incoming sheets are inspected at the time you receive them (prior to loading the rack). Defects or flaws are logged for quick feedback to your supplier.
  • Defects in sheets can be managed by referring to the corresponding documentation sheets. Maximum utilization of sheet materials is accomplished by having access to QC information on all sheets in inventory.
  • Full protection of sheets. No loads from stacking. No danger of warping. Total protection from damage.
  • Delivered fully assembled and ready to immediately free up hundreds of square feet of valuable floor space.

Safety Advantages

  • No forklift needed for loading and unloading.
  • No danger of toppling if too many “drawers” are left open.
  • No powered scissor or ball screw mechanisms. No pinch points.