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CC-5000, CARD printer

CC-5000 Screen Printing Machine

  • Ideal for cards, poker chips, tokens, nail files and more.
  • Approximately 5,000 prints per hour.
  • Top quality linear ball bearings rated at over 300 million cycles.
  • Pneumatic system cannot overload, burn out or become obsolete.
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color cup screen printing machine

ColorCup Pro Screen Printing Machine

  • Starting price of $69,995 for fully equipped machine.
  • Precision multi-color designs.
  • Integrated automation such as loaders, unloaders, vision, pretreatment and more.
  • Fixtures designed for your cylindrical products.
  • Simple, fast setup and changeover.
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Flame 360 | Flame Treatment Machine

  • Ideal for cups, glassware, bottles and more.
  • Part flexibility for cylindrical and irregular shaped items.
  • Geneva indexer provides harmonic dial motion.
  • Entire print area is rotated 360 degrees through the flame.
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microscope slide screen printing machine

Microscope Slide Screen Printing Machine

  • Approximately 3,600 prints per hour.
  • Glass chipping is nearly 100% eliminated.
  • Automatic loader including load magazines and pick & place.
  • 2-axis automatic unload robot including unload slide gripper.
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pen screen printer, screen printing machine, pen printing

PEN Screen Printing Machine

  • Print approximately 4,200 pens per hour.
  • Rated for continuous duty, 3 shifts per day, 7 days a week.
  • Modular printer design permits a variety of pen designs.
  • Quick changeover between products.
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Automatic screen printing machine, screen printer, chips, tokens, cards

PRINT Belt Screen Printing Machine

  • Revolutionary design – no tooling/fixtures required
  • Modular design lets you print any flat product, regardless of size and shape
  • Multicolor printing with conventional UV, LED and heat tunnel available
  • Modular design allows for process integration such as automatic loading, unloading, pretreatment, vision and more.
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sheet metal storage system

Sheet Storage System

The best storage system for your sheet material – glass, steel, aluminum, laminates, granite and more! Increase your floor space and optimize your organization all while improving your safety.

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Super Glide – CNC Sanding

  • Automatically sand your products.
  • Easily program your sanding parameters.
  • Extreme durability for continuous fabrication.
  • Vacuum integration for debris collection.
  • Vacuum table hold-down.
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led conveyor

Ultra LED UV Conveyor

  • Custom conveyor/LED size to your specification.
  • Programmable scale factor in different units.
  • Best in class energy efficiency.
  • Unique conveyor pulley design for perfect belt tracking.
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UV Conveyor

Ultra Light UV Conveyor

    • Tri-Power 200/300/400 watts per inch power supply.
    • Lamp sizes up to 40″(1010mm). Conveyor belt width sizes up to 144″(1450mm).
    • Cooling air is drawn through unit by a blower.
    • LED integration available.
    • Plate belting available for heavy products.
    • Adjustable lamp/LED module distance.
    • Programmable power supply with PLC.

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UVSP | UV Curing Machine

  • Ideal for glassware, bottles and more.
  • Product is rotated parallel to the UV source focal point – 6″(154mm) & 12″(305mm).
  • Exclusive revolving door design protects operators from escaping light.
  • Universal vacuum product handling.
  • Large systems available – up to 25″(635mm) lamp sizes.
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MC-1 Screen Printing Machine | Flat Products

  • Aluminum tooling plate base, ground flat within +/- .001” (0.025 mm).
  • Universal screen frame holder.
  • Screen frame holder can be separated for cleaning and reattached with no loss of registration.
  • Spring loaded, screen up and down counter balance force adjustment.


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