UV Conveyor Teflon Belt

Systematic Automation has expanded into offering teflon conveyor belts. Ideal for our UV conveyor system and more name brand systems. Production of the conveyor belts is done directly at our factory in Farmington, CT. We have reduced typical lead time for UV conveyor belts to fraction of what it was. Custom belts can be made per your request. 

Teflon is commonly associate with the coating applied to non-stick pans and offers the same benefit to our belts and the products that are put onto them. Teflon ensure your production process surrounding the conveyor is unencumbered, your employees and swiftly remove and put on different products. The coating withstands the high temperature that may be exerted be the module on your conveyor, whether it by conventional UV, flame treatment or forced heat for drying/curing your products. The teflon coating is ideal for resistance for temperature of up to approximately 250 degrees Celsius. 

The SA teflon belt also offers an industry standard of quality. You may find the some of your previous distributors supply belts that are not align on the front and back of the belt, which is a contributing factor if your belt is not tracking here. Belts require inspection prior to shipment to avoid this. The conveyor belt will also offer a sturdy surface to put your material despite the fluctuating tempatures. 

UltraLight UV Conveyor MAX - For Large Products
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