5 Tips for Choosing the Best Screen Printing Machine

six color screen printing machine

Super ROI prints up to 6 colors

Consider the following 5 tips when searching for a screen printing machine to find the best value for your investment. It can be confusing to sort out all the different features from various screen printing machine suppliers, and not all printing machines are made the same. Quite the contrary, the performance can vary widely from one machine to another, and you owe it to yourself to learn about the best screen printing machines on the market.

The right screen printing machine should increase your productivity, and provide a quick return on investment with numerous engineering features designed around your process. When researching a screen printing machine that will increase your productivity and profitability, follow these tips:

1) Choose a screen printing machine manufacturer with experience and proven printing solutions.

Make sure that you can speak with the manufacturer, and that they possess knowledge of your printing process. Anyone can sell a machine, but it takes experience and skill for a screen printing machine manufacturer to understand your process and match the ideal machine.

Systematic Automation has been supplying high performing screen printing machines for more than 35 years. We have dozens of models to choose from, and the expertise to provide the right machine with the ideal features for your process. We provide ongoing service and support to make sure your printing process is a tremendous success.

2) Look for versatility to accommodate assorted sizes and widths.

Versatility is profitability when you can use the same machine to print on different sized items.

Systematic Automation offers the Super ROI Automatic Screen Printer for a six color screen printing machine that can print on various cylindrical products with quick and easy changeover. We offer dozens of other models if you need to print on flat or odd sized/shaped products. No matter the size or shape of your print job, we have the optimal equipment for your process.

3) Demand a screen printing machine with high precision capability and proven quality results.

Systematic Automation manufactures screen printing machines used in critical applications that demand precision coupled with high volume. All of our machines are manufactured in the USA and tested rigorously for optimum working condition prior to shipping.

Our Automatic Super ROI utilizes servo technology and precision linear motion bearings that are rated for more than 300 million cycles, designed for continuous high-volume operation. Do not sacrifice quality for quantity, the Super ROI delivers on both counts, providing precision quality printing even in high volume applications.

4) Make sure your screen printing machine is truly automatic for maximum profitability.

The Super ROI is an automatic six color screen printing machine that is fast and efficient, providing immediate return on investment. This versatile workhorse of a printing machine provides smooth automatic operation with adjustable operating speed, print stroke and flood stroke speed.

Systematic Automation manufactures the Super ROI for automatic or manual loading of your cylindrical products, designed for simplicity, effortless operation and hassle-free maintenance. Increase your throughput and profits with this fast and efficient automatic screen printer.

5) Purchase a screen printing machine that can be adapted for additional processes.

You never know when your process might change, or when you’ll need additional capabilities. Make sure that you can adapt your screen printing machine rather than have to purchase a new one. The Super ROI Automatic Screen Printer can automatically detect the part presence, and has a modular design to integrate additional processes including flame treatment or UV curing with powerful 400 WPI.

Systematic Automation are the leading experts with secondary treatments such as flame treatment and UV curing technology. We understand the technology behind the systems, and have developed superior flame treatment and UV curing systems into our screen printing machines to provide all-in-one automatic printing and curing systems.

The Super ROI is a cost effective and efficient six color screen printing machine designed for simple operation. Our unique design moves your substrates in one direction with minimal lifting to the print area, delivering perfect printing and additional curing processes in a streamlined approach. Additional engineering features include protection to the operator from UV light exposure and mechanical pinch points while still allowing full access to the screen printer loading stations.

Speak with the screen printing machine experts at Systematic Automation

When searching for your next screen printing machine, following these tips will help you to succeed in purchasing the machine that will best fit your application. By speaking with the screen printing machine experts at Systematic Automation, you will be sure to receive all the features that you require, and additional engineering features that come from decades of experience and in-depth knowledge of your printing process. In addition, Systematic Automation designs, engineers, and manufacturers high quality vacuum tables, flame treatment and UV curing systems.

Systematic Automation sets the industry standard with high performing screen printing equipment, adapted to your process with secondary operations available. We manufacture and test all machines and equipment for quality performance prior to shipping. Contact us today to learn more about our proven solutions for one to six color screen printing machines.