Pretreatment System for Ink Adhesion

The Fierosil silica pretreatment system for curing your UV inks is the solution for maintaining ink adhesion when your product is affected by any harsh environment such as a dishwasher or weather conditions. You no longer have to resort to difficult to use solvent inks when printing. UV inks provide the operator with a safer environment, such as not containing VOC’s that solvent inks have. UV inks are also much easier to work with due to not sticking to anything in your work area or ripping a screen from getting stuck. Your set up and clean up time will be a fraction of what it used to be. The UV inks stay in a liquid state and can be left for hours sitting on the screen, if covered from the light (UV exposed even from room light can slowly dry your ink). You may also use multi-color prints easier due to instantaneous curing of the ink when exposed to a UV light source. 

The previous method for pretreatment of products for printing with silica was through Pyrosil, which has it solution and system made in Germany. The Fierosil comes in at less than half the price of the competition, with financing and renting options available. The Fierosil solution is also sourced in the US. Any Fierosil system can be immediately assessed by our technical department and the solution is readily available (made in USA) without having to cross continents or extended troubleshooting due to time zones. The system provides an identical precursor with Pyrosil for improving the surface tension of your products that require pretreatment. Fierosil Pretreatment can not only protect your product surface with screen printed ink but with inkjet printed items as well. The Silica coating of the pretreatment provides a coating over the poor surface levels that your products may arrive in.

SA can pretreat your parts prior to purchasing so that you may run tests to verify that the system is right for you. You are welcome to come to Systematic Automation headquarters in Farmington, CT USA to try the equipment out for yourself, try printing afterward take a tour of our factory. SA can assist you in the process of integrating Fierosil onto one of our flame treatment systems, your current system or an automatic screen printing press with flame treatment. 

Regardless of what you are printing and need pretreatment for, we can develop a solution whether it be through a conveyor, rotary indexing system and more. With over 40 years of experience, the chances are very good we can help you with your production requirements.