Pen Printer – A timeless classic. Refined.

For over 75 years the in-line all mechanical pen printer has been around in various iterations. The SA printer uses chains and cams rated well over 300 million cycles. Precision machine tool quality throughout. This is a machine that will last you a lifetime. 

SA engineers have taken the historic designs of the past and created the best pen printing machine that can be made. Manufactured entirely at our factory in Connecticut, USA. 

Your operators will be familiar with the operation as it retains all of the tried and true elements of past iterations, yet with safety features like overload protection for safety and modularity for versatility. 

All this in a compact package your operators will appreciate, with UV-LED or hot air drying that is designed to run trouble free for decades. All high quality linear and roller ball bearings, interchangeability of parts. Simple, reliable and rugged design. 

We know what you want in a machine. Uptime, serviceability, documentation, and immediate technical assistance. Give us a call to find out how to configure your brand new moneymaker. The Systematic Automation Model Pen Printer. 

Fun fact: Five hundred years ago Leonardo DaVinci invented and drew the design for the first steel roller chain similar to the type used today. He also designed and implemented cams for machine motion.