Graphic Overlay Screen Printing Machine

Graphic overlays are the strongest connection your customer will have between the brand and the experience of using the equipment. They offer a static visual interface. Registration between printed colors on the graphic overlay is of great importance, as that will always be in your customer’s face while using the equipment. Materials for overlays can range from polycarbonate to polyester (as well as blended materials).

The Model SST offers industry leading registration between colors. You are also easily able program color sequences for double prints of the same color on the user friendly touch screen interface. UV exposure times are also set by you. The Model SST was designed to easily cater to your process and can print any material, texture, coating and shape. Part handling for your graphic overlays are through own manufactured vacuum tables that are the flattest in the industry at .001” (per linear foot), which you will see in the quality of your print.

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Applications That Use Graphic Overlays:
– Appliances
– Exercise equipment
– Membrane Switches
– Medical machinery
– Electronics

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