Tips to Choose The Best Mug Screen Printing Machine

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Mug Screen Printing MachineScreen printing on mugs can be very challenging without the right type of mug tooling for your screen printing machine. Finding the best screen printer for your mugs depends upon a few different factors. First let’s discuss what you need to look for when.

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Tooling for coffee mugs can range in their appearance and functionality. One thing you will require for your tooling is for it to be gear driven rather than friction driven. The gear will need to match the diameter of your cup so that it synchronizes with the screen. The tooling will also need to have a handle that holds the handle. The handle may be used as a means for registering for multi-color printing.

Another factor to take into account is the handle of the mug hitting your screen for the print cycle. You want the image to cover as much of the mug as possible. The reality is that the screen will be an obstruction unless made properly. The screen should look like a an H with the mesh (image location) in the middle. This will allow the handles to reach 45 degrees upward.

No other promotional item can create such a bond as one created with your favorite coffee mug. Some people have a favorite coffee mug as well as a favorite travel mug, which can be made of various materials. Screen printing is popular on many types of mugs such as the traditional ceramic coffee mug, travel mugs made of either plastic or metal and even glass mugs.

The reasons for wanting to get promotional mugs in front of your customers and potential clients is clear, regardless of the type of mug you choose to print your company name and logo on. The types of material you will be printing on may pose some unique challenges which require some consideration to select the best mug screen printer for your process.

Challenges with Mug Screen Printing

Ink adhesion on nonporous materials

There are some challenges when screen printing on mugs that will influence the type of mug screen printing machine you choose. For example, plastic and glass are naturally nonporous materials which can create problems with ink adhesion if not using the right type of printer and materials. A flame treatment system is commonly used to pretreat plastic or glass for improved ink adhesion.
Mugs and various products made of plastic and glass can run quickly through a flame treatment machine with quick exposure to a flame designed only to alter the molecular structure of the material without altering any visual appearance. Ceramic mugs can be treated quickly with the right pretreatment equipment and then moved onto the screen printing area in one seamless process.

Long lasting ink on nonporous materials

Using a pretreating flame treatment system is a great way to improve ink adhesion, but how do you make sure your ink will last? A UV curing system may also be incorporated with specialty inks that are designed to cure (dry) instantly within seconds of exposure. UV curing is used in many processes to strengthen and improve durability of many polymers, varnishes and inks and is extremely beneficial in speeding up product cycle times.

Incorporating UV curing with the right mug screen printing machine can be just as seamless as pretreating and significantly improves efficiency, profitability and product durability.

Consideration and Tips for Choosing the Best Mug Screen Printer

Finding the right mug screen printer for your process depends upon a few factors. Think about the following considerations when choosing the right mug screen printing machine for your process:

The need for versatility – consider the type of material, whether it be plastic, ceramic or glass and the need to switch between different types of material and sizes.

Pretreatment and posttreatment capability – consider the need for pretreatment with a flame treatment machine and/or posttreatment with a UV curing system. Automatic screen printing machines which incorporate both pretreating and UV curing offer many benefits with improved quality and profitability.

Volume – The volume of your print job is also an important consideration, as screen printing is proven to be very cost-effective, especially in high-volume printing processes.

Automation required – the level of automation required is another important consideration to choose the right screen printing machine which meets your production goals and your budget.

Evaluating these considerations with a screen printing machine specialist is definitely worth your time. Systematic Automation offers assistance in evaluating your specific screen printing needs to choose the best screen printer which provides the most benefit to your application.

Mug Screen Printing Options from Systematic Automation

Systematic Automation offers a fully customizable mug screen printing process with the Model F1 or Model Super ROI screen printing machines.

The Model F1 offers various tooling options to print on ceramic, glass and more with mechanical pointers for increased print registration and superior print coverage. The mug handle may also be a point of registration with the ability to raise 45° on each side. The Model F1 supports options such as UV curing for increased quality and productivity. A hinged screen allows easy operator access while maintaining print registration.

The Model Super ROI mug printing machine offers increased automation and multicolor printing. This is a precision, in-line printer which accommodates various cylindrical products with one to six color printing options. The Model ROI provides the option for flame treating and UV curing for a total turnkey printing operation. A linear transport system moves your product in one direction with minimal lifting to print and cure. Minimizing handling time provides a very efficient process with high-quality printing results.

Systematic Automation is a leading manufacturer and global supplier of patented screen printing machines, vacuum tables automated equipment. We offer customized design and engineering to provide maximum benefit in turnkey operations. Contact us to learn more about how to choose the best mug screen printing machine for maximum benefit to your process.