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Enhancing Inkjet Printing Adhesion: The Fierosil System Revolutionizes Drinkware Treatment

For drinkware printing, ink adhesion is paramount. Whether it’s intricate designs on packaging or vibrant graphics on marketing materials, achieving optimal print quality requires preparation, especially when it comes to printing on drinkware that will be repeatedly go through the dishwasher. Inkjet printing on drinwkare demands a delicate balance of substrate treatment to ensure ink…

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flame treatment equipment

Benefits of Flame Treatment for Plastic Surface Treatment

When looking for the best method for plastic surface treatment, be sure to know the benefits of flame treatment systems.  The nonporous surface of most plastic products makes bonding with outer coatings such as varnishes, laminates or screen printing impossible without pre-treating the plastic surface.  Quality designed flame treatment systems provide surface treatment solutions with…

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Flame Treatment System

How to Find the Right Flame Treatment Equipment

Finding the right flame treatment equipment for your process can be a challenge. With various models and features available, how do you know if the equipment you choose is the best solution for your process? It is important to understand how flame treating equipment works to know your options and feel confident with the equipment…

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