Systematic Automation is one of the leading UV curing equipment manufacturers in the world. Our company excels with decades of experience and in-depth knowledge and expertise in the UV curing process. Established more than thirty years ago, Systematic Automation has continually set new industry standards for UV curing equipment and fully automated systems.

With continual investment in research and development, we have designed and manufactured patented and industry leading UV curing equipment, enhancing performance and energy efficiency. Beginning with our patented UVSP curing unit in 1998, we have developed several proprietary equipment features and technological advancements with our superior UV curing equipment.

Expert UV Curing Equipment Manufacturers Provide Advanced Features and Accessories

Touch Screen
Our versatile and user friendly touch screen controls allow the user to easily switch between Setup, Run and Monitor Mode. Setup mode is the password protected area where a user can set the delay for the blower, or multiple blowers. Run mode offers various power settings ranging from 200/300/400 watts per inch (WPI), and on screen step by step directions for ease in operation. Monitor mode shows the condition of the UV lamp, the lamp current and total operational hours. This counter can be reset when replacing lamps.

Reliable Power Supply
Our rugged power supply unit, with removable casters for rolling or stacking, provides several powerful features in one compact unit. Our versatile power supply can run on either 208/220/230/240 or 460/480 volts, with single phase for maximum efficiency. The Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) can be integrated into your equipment, and temperature sensors provide internal thermal protection while continually monitoring the irradiator cooling blower. This powerful unit provides maximum performance with optimum energy efficiency.

Revolutionary Irradiator Design
Our patented modular shutter system is available in our revolutionary irradiator design, along with proprietary specular mirror finish inserts reflecting 98% of UV energy. The lamp condition is monitored and displayed on the touch screen panel. The Ultra-Light reflector reflects light directly to the work surface, rather than escaping back through the lamp as in conventional UV lamps that experience 20% energy loss.

Expertise with Ultraviolet Light Radiation
Systematic Automation is a leader among UV curing equipment manufacturers with extensive knowledge of UV light radiation and the effectiveness of various wavelengths (nm).

  • The Mercury Vapor Lamp or (H Type) Lamp has a strong output in short waves ranging from 200 – 320 nm. Ideal for clear ink coatings or thin layers, produces high gloss.
  • The Mercury Vapor Lamp with an Iron additive or (D Type) produces a strong output in a long wave range from 350 – 400 nm. Ideal for curing thick layers, or more heavily pigmented inks.
  • The Mercury Vapor Lamp with Gallium additive or (V Type) provides a stronger output in the range of 400 – 450 nm. This lamp is ideal for inks with white pigment inks which will block UV curing at shorter wavelengths.

We also provide standard and customized conveyor systems, adding to your cost saving efficiencies. We have more than a dozen UV curing systems for curing inks, adhesives and coatings on flat, three-dimensional or cylindrical products. Systematic Automation is an exceptional UV curing equipment manufacturer, with in-depth knowledge of the UV curing process.

Systematic Automation, Inc. provides superior UV curing equipment, all machines and components are meticulously tested for optimum performance prior to shipping. Contact us today for proven solutions from one of the world’s leading UV curing equipment manufacturers.