Wooden Vacuum Table Construction

SA offers vacuum tables with wood construction. This offers a nonconductive surface for your job. Our wooden vacuum tables are machined to high tolerances and durable construction. Maple wood is used as it is the most resilient for milling and controlling thermo expansion and contraction. Lacquer is added for the presentation of the vacuum table but can be ommited.

From start to finish, we will design the vacuum table best suited for your application. Our vacuum tables are built to your specification for size and hole diameter/placement. Non-conductive surfaces are more commonly used to expedite applications that involve human labor.

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Equipment Features

Systematic Automation super precision vacuum tables provide a flatness of +/-.001″ (.025mm) per linear foot, making it the flattest vacuum table available. Additionally, we provide an array of features and customizable options to complement your vacuum table, such as:

  • Custom shaped vacuum tables
  • Custom designed zones with valves
  • Custom hole patterns
  • Custom bases
  • Sliding vacuum tables
  • Heated vacuum tables
  • Automatic pin registration
  • Formica table surface
  • Anodized table surface

Value Added Services

Our knowledgeable engineering department will assist you in selecting the optimal size vacuum table, type of pump best suited for your needs, and port location. Our precision vacuum tables are available with vacuum port connections from any side of the table, or at any location from the bottom of the table.

You can also call on Systematic Automation to resurface your current vacuum table, applying our extensive knowledge in manufacturing precision vacuum tables to providing superior engineering enhancements to your current product.

At Systematic Automation, we have vast experience in providing the most cost-efficient solution for your application requirements. With our customized approach, we make sure that you get the vacuum system required for your application, without paying more than you need to.

Systematic Automation is recognized as a leading global supplier of vacuum tables, with experienced engineers providing customized solutions. We provide exceptional customer service and ongoing support to ensure success of your installation. Contact us today to learn more about our high-performance wooden vacuum tables.

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