The Systematic Automation CV2 makes it easy to stitch and align photos. The CV2 is specifically designed for digital reformatting of flat or three-dimensional artifacts, simplifying production runs and improving quality.

The table makes it easy for production stitching assembly to position items such as photographs, maps, fine art, and blueprints accurately. When partnered with Adobe's "Automerge" technology, this precision instrument maintains lighting consistency and alignment between image tiles for flawless results.

Standard features of the CV2 table include matte finish black anodize vacuum table top, black anodize inside of the vacuum holes, oil and grease free (sealed, dry linear bearing motion) to eliminate potential contamination, easy to read large print graduation scales on X and Y axis in inch, metric, or both, foot operated vacuum on/off valve to keep hands free for workplace placement, quiet continuous duty vacuum pump, universal mounting flanges on all four corners of the device, and a spring loaded nylon friction brake on X and Y motion which is adjustable in force to hold the table where it is placed and eliminates the need for a table locking device. Options include camera supports, steel top vacuum table for use with magnets, servo motor control for table placement, and more.

It is a low-cost, high-precision, durable, and versatile tool, making it the preferred choice for libraries, universities, museums, and the conservation industry.

Ready to elevate your photo stitching and image alignment game? Get your hands on the Systematic Automation CV2 today! Contact us to place your order and take advantage of this low-cost, high-precision, durable, and versatile tool.


  • Staging surface height from floor:
    2’ (609 mm).
  • Black anodized vacuum table staging surface.
  • Table flatness +/- .001” (.025 mm) per square foot.
  • Heavy duty steel frame and tracks
    with precision bearings.
  • Grid and scale for X and Y table position.
  • Rubber vibration dampening, height adjustable foot pads.
  • Quiet .5 hp vacuum pump.
  • Foot activated vacuum on/off gate.

Standard Features

  • Modular design for easy set-up and shipping.
  • Complete matte black, anodized staging surface.
  • Oil and grease free (sealed, dry linear bearing motion) to eliminate
    potential contamination.
  • Clean room compatible.
  • Universal mounting flanges on all four corners of vacuum table.
  • Easy to read large print graduation scales on X and Y axis in inches,
    metric, or both.
  • Foot operated vacuum on/off gate to keep hands free.
  • Spring loaded nylon friction brake for X and Y motion. Adjustable in
    force. Holds the table where it is placed and eliminates the need for a table locking device.
  • Table positioning locks.


  • Steel vacuum staging surface available in flat black, powder coat. (For use with magnets)
  • Z-axis gantry available for camera and lighting mounting solutions.
  • Automated, servo-driven systems with fully programmable touch screen operator display.

Value Added Services

Our knowledgeable engineering department will assist you in selecting the optimal size vacuum table, type of pump best suited for your needs, and port location. Our precision vacuum tables are available with vacuum port connections from any side of the table, or at any location from the bottom of the table.

You can also call on Systematic Automation to resurface your current vacuum table, applying our extensive knowledge in manufacturing precision vacuum tables to providing superior engineering enhancements to your current product.

At Systematic Automation, we have vast experience in providing the most cost-efficient solution for your application requirements. With our customized approach, we make sure that you get the vacuum system required for your application, without paying more than you need to.

Systematic Automation is recognized as a leading global supplier of vacuum tables, with experienced engineers providing customized solutions. We provide exceptional customer service and ongoing support to ensure success of your installation. Contact us today to learn more about our high-performance vacuum tables for photo stitching.

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