Systematic Automation combines years of experience making screen printing machines with Ultraviolet (UV) curing technology to create a world class curing machines for screen printing applications. Systematic Automation has been in business since 1983, providing the industry with state-of-the-art screen printing machines, curing systems, and auxiliary equipment such as specialized conveyors to better automate your process.

We offer decades of expertise in designing, engineering, manufacturing and installing thousands of automated printing and curing machines used around the world. Our knowledgeable staff will match the perfect machine for your application, providing a solution tailored for you. We have dozens of curing machine screen printing systems to choose from for printing and quick curing on a variety of substrates including metal, plastic, glass, and wood in virtually any shape or size.

Our in-depth knowledge of the printing and curing process combined with our vast lineup of high performance machines, allows us to match the most appropriate screen printing curing machine to your application.

High Performance UV Curing Machines for Screen Printers

For screen printing and curing on cylindrical products, our patented model UVSP, the 360° UV Curing Machine, provides complete all over coverage with our unique rotating revolving door design, and vacuum place-holder keeping your item securely in place while providing uninterrupted all over instant curing. Our proprietary design does not use mirrors to obtain the 360° coverage as is common in some conventional UV systems. The use of mirrors can degrade the intensity of the UV light by more than 60%. This model is ideal for a variety of cylindrical products, from a ball point pen to gallon size containers.

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When you need an automated screen printing curing process for flat and three-dimensional shaped items, the Ultra Light UV Conveyor System is a very popular choice used by OEMs worldwide. This versatile machine can automate and dramatically speed up cure times for printing on anything from clothing to complex engineering parts used in critical applications. Systematic Automation offers a patented shuttered UV system for use in automated production lines, further speeding up your curing machine screen printing process.

Whether printing on flat or cylindrical items, three-dimensional or odd shaped products, we have the screen printing curing machine for you. Whatever your application requires, we have a solution with a complete line of printing and UV curing equipment. Adding a UV curing system to your printing process can greatly improve efficiencies on high volume projects by saving valuable time in the instant cure cycle.

UV Curing Machine Applications

Our screen printing curing machines are used in various commercial and industrial applications around the globe. Some examples of the various industrial uses include:

  • Marketing – promotional material for raising brand awareness
  • Automotive – instant curing of interior knobs and buttons for increased cycle time and improved aesthetic appearance
  • Aerospace – reliable quick cure for critical components requiring durability in extreme conditions
  • Medical – provides fast, effective and safe curing without use of harmful contaminants

Call our knowledgeable staff today for more information on how Systematic Automation can match a superior printing and curing machine for your application, providing value and saving you money.

Systematic Automation, Inc. offers proven solutions for your printing and curing needs. All machines and components are tested rigorously for quality performance prior to shipping. Contact us to learn more about our specialized solutions and how we can meet your needs with a screen printing curing machine.