Tote Bag Screen Printer

The Model F1 is a popular choice when printing your tote bags. The Model F1 gives you the freedom to change platen plates when printing different sized tote bags. Your set up for screen printing tote bags will be different depending on what type of bag you are printing.

What to know what screen printing your tote bag

Not all tote bags are made of the same material and therefore will require different attachments. Some tote bags may require a vacuum table for keeping the bag on the platen while printing. You may be using solvent based inks (thick) which may cause the tote bag to stick to your screen when printing. The vacuum table will keep the tote bag on the platen as it is printing and deactivate when the cycle is done. Other tote bags are porous and made of textile fabric. These don’t respond to vacuum tables and may require a tighter fight to the platen. These are just worst case scenarios when screen printing your tote bags. Most don’t require anything but your standard pedestal and platen.

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