Ruler Printer Complete With Our UV Conveyor

This semi-automatic Ruler Printer lifts rulers up smoothly and without vibration to the screen with the Harmonic Lift Table. The screen frame holder uses X, Y micro-adjust to meet high accuracy standards. The result is a perfect registration at high speed for maximum productivity.

Rulers of up to 56" in length can be accommodated. You can print multiple rulers at once with tooling and once printed, have the rulers auto takeoff into the Systematic Automation UV conveyor for curing. Different size and thickness rulers can be accommodated using the same tooling and printer. Cut your labor in half with the Ruler Printer.

Key Features

  • Screen stays stationary - substrate is lifted to screen.
  • Independent micro-adjustable squeegee and floodbar height.
  • Screen frame holder features independently micro-adjustable X, Y movements.
  • Auto takeoff tooling into Ultra Light UV conveyor
  • 100% pneumatic operation that can not overload or burnout.

Standard Features

  • Harmonic lift table with 8" movement upward to screen.
  • X-Y micro-adjust screen frame holder.
  • Foot pedal cycle start.
  • Heavy-duty welded steel base with casters.
  • Squeegee holder.
  • Flood bar.
  • Independent squeegee/flood bar height adjustment.
  • Stroke counter.
ruler screen printing machine

  • Ruler Screen Printing Machine  with Ultra Light UV Conveyor