Screen Printing Automation for Startups

In the past, automation was reserved for large companies printing on a massive scale. As original designs become templates and parts availability expands, automation becomes more affordable for startups. For simplicity, we will define automation as a means for screen printing which does not require stopping hands on manual printing. Automation involves a machine that features an automatic function which can liberate the operator from said task.

One of the most popular startups for screen printing are to-go cups for restaurants, or plastic/foam cups for eating inside a store. The demand stemming from individuals creating new restaurants is constant. Often we see restaurants (or companies that specialize in servicing those restaurants) purchase automatic screen printing equipment. The SA Model T8-SS is the most common machine for customers that are looking to have cups printed with quality, consistent results.

Save Time and Floor Space with Automatic Features

The T8-SS features UV integration with either LED or traditional UV, as well as automatic unloading of parts into a ready-made stack for your customers. These features remove tasks that would otherwise take up room in your facility and be sink holes of time. Utilizing the UV and automatic take-off does the work of one very productive person. Speed is not affected because the machine is in constant rotary motion at speeds of approximately 3,600 parts per hour.

When consistency and speed are paramount, going from a manual press to a semi-automatic screen printing machine will increase your throughput and repeatability in print quality. The results rival those of large businesses that specialize in promotional printing.

For over 30 years, Systematic Automation has worked with companies across many different industries. Our experience has led us to automate your process even further, with pre-engineered solutions such as pop up pins for part handling, automatic take-off systems, and much more. For example, the SA Model F1 is the most popular printer as it can print almost any product, from flat to cylindrical, from a growler to a windshield. With this one printer alone, the product possibilities are endless.

Control Production Output and Quality While Cutting Your Labor Costs

The entry point for automating your screen printing process has never been lower. Labor is the most expensive variable for your business. Future proof your labor costs with a machine that will pay for itself while providing a better quality print. Contact Systematic Automation to learn all the ways in which we can help you automate your screen printing process.