Pretreating Before You UV Cure

flame treatment, flame treating, cylindrical, cylindrical products, systematic automationDecorating your glassware and ceramics have limited printers to using solvent based inks. The solvent based inks tend to stick to the screens (often ripping them), have high VAC & take longer to cure. UV inks were supposed to be the answer to production scale printing and they still are. UV inks are easy to use and cure instantly but you will require a separate UV & pretreatment system. It can be even more costly if you are printing glass on a production scale that require Pyrosil for adhesion. You are going to spend much more money on pretreatment and UV system than you will on the printer. Printing on your glass and ceramics is a costly investment if using UV inks.The Bottle Treater (patents applied) is a fraction of the price for what the competition is offering. The design only uses a 2″ element for UV curing and flame treating. The gas pipe design allows for flame from natural gas/propane and Pyrosil to be used. The Bottle Treater also has the option for a 2″ UV system included for all of your product sizes. The machine will pay for itself from the energy and consumable savings. This is the most versatile machine for getting your production up and running.