Plastic Card Printing Machine

The Model CC-5000 Card Printing Machine is the industry standard plastic card printing machine for screen printing your cards. You will be printing faster than one card/second, making it the fastest card printer to be released. Features on the machine is an automatic feeder system with dust removal prior to print to ensure that all your cards are printed clearly with a repeatable design. The Card Printing System has components to complete the turn-key system such as the UltraLight UV Conveyor and STK stacker. Additional options can be added to further suit your process such as the anti-static system, which is an issue with most generic card screen printers. Static will make your cards stick together, and as a result, get ink on other cards. A tacky roller option is also available for taking any debris or dust off your card prior to printing to ensure clarity.

There has never been an easier to operate and longer lasting plastic card printing machine. The CC-5000 is Systematic Automation’s first screen printer from 1983 and has been refined ever since into what you are seeing now. Not only are you receiving the fastest card printer on the market, it is also affordable and modular. You can start with the printer, move onto the conveyor and eventually purchase the stacker. Have the card printing machine grow with your company’s needs.

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plastic card printing machine