Model STK Stacker

The Systematic Automation STK stacker is designed to stack from the bottom up and provide uninterrupted stacking during unloading. Utilizing a stacker will allow your operator to attend to other tasks. Just place the STK Stacker at the end of your dryer conveyor and start saving labor costs. The STK is currently being employed in a variety of industries. The STK can be easily adjusted to meet the specifications of your current job, with minimal changeover time.

The STK comes with a standard resettable counter. There is also a built in alarm to alert your operator when the magazine becomes full.

Minimum Substrate: 1″x1.5″(5x38mm)
Maximum Substrate: 7″x6″(178x152mm)
Stack Height: 28″(711mm)
Maximum Weight Of Stacked Material: 18 lb.(8kg)