The Model F1 will print your decals in no time. With an operation speed of approximately 2,000 parts per hour, the only difficulty you will have is loading the decals fast enough. Decals sheets can come in different shapes and sizes. This is why we have options such as our extended print stroke (36″ length) and our dual print head (18″ width). You will be able to print your largest decals. Some decals require ink that can stick the screen to the product. To remedy this, there is a vacuum table system option for automatic hold down of parts once the foot pedal is actuated. The air releases the product from the vacuum table once the print process (flooding screen, lowering carriage and printing) is over.

The Model F1 is the entry level system for printing your decals. If you are looking for something more automated, try checking out our Model SST or Model NCC. Both automatic printers can incorporate vision and cutting systems for a complete turnkey system printing your decals.

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