Baseball Bat Screen Printing Machine

The Model F1-DC clamshell style allows the operator quick access to the product, which means more production capacity than vertical lift printers. Each print is approximately 1-2 seconds. The dedicated tooling featured with this machine allows the operator to simply place the bat in the nest, press the foot pedal, and the machine will engage both ends of the bat for an even and opaque image. There is also universal bat tooling available for different sizes. Adjustment between different bat sizes can take less than a minute.

The dual head option for the unit allows for images larger than 16″ in width to be printed on the bat. View the video on the right to see the dual head option print two separate images in one print cycle. You are even capable of printing on both the handle and barrel of the bat at the same time! The machine is 100% pneumatic, which means there are no components to go obsolete or burn out. The machine will last you decades of heavy use and will accommodate a variety of different bat sizes.

Training is included with the purchase of a machine which can be done at our factory in Farmington, CT or we can send you a recording that details the steps for printing your baseball bats.

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