Adhesive Screen Printing Machine

Machines for small and large format printing are available. Providing an adhesive lamination to your product will allow it to stand out. The Model F1 screen printing machine for adhesives has a temperature controlling option for the adhesive to stay in a fluid state.

UV Curing Your Adhesives

The UV conveyor is just as important for screen printing your adhesives. The Ultra Light UV Conveyor is the industry standard for UV curing your adhesives. The unit features a tri-power system with 200/300/400 WPI. Touch screen display allows for simply user controls and ability for the operator to keep track of lamp life. Patented irradiator design is the best in class for energy efficiency. Custom sizes can be made to order.

Systematic Automation has worked with a variety of adhesive manufacturers on developing OEM conveyors. You may want to cure your adhesives with a conveyor that is tailored to your production and your UV units, whether they be conventional or LED. SA has worked with LED manufactures on integration of LED units on the system. Everything is manufactured in house and modifications to LED controls, placement and conveyor type can be customized. Adhesive screen printing has never been so simple.

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